Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manga Review: Love Attack, Volume 6, by Shizuru Seino

Publisher: Tokyopop

Goodreads Synopsis:

Chiemi is good at many things, but a match-maker she most definitely is not! Never one to admit defeat, she sets off one last doozy of a plan to create a lovey-dovey alliance between Yukari and Ohno. Will she succeed in creating the second-most violent couple at school despite her best friend's reluctance?

This is another series that was left hanging by Tokyopop. Although I think it was actually licensed by Kodansha in Japan, and if it was, is it possible that they will release it over here? I really want them to, but I also wonder if it didn't have as big of a fan base as they would want. I really hope that they, or someone else, does, because I really liked this series, and I really want to know what happens.
It's about Chiemi and Akifumi, who are both very tough and stupid. They fight for what they want, and in the first volume, Chiemi has to get Akifumi to go to classes regularly because of a deal she made with her teacher because of her bad grades or because she's always getting in trouble. She's not afraid of him, and she's not gentle, and he instantly likes her. It's all very cute.
The beginning of this volume focuses on Yukari and Ohno, who are friends of Chiemi and Akifumi. There was some stuff about them in the previous volume, and it comes to a conclusion in this one. Or mostly a conclusion. Yukari likes him, and he is very oblivious to it. And Chiemi is trying to play match maker, which she is not very good at.
In the next chapter, Chiemi and Akifumi are wondering about sex, and thinking they're ready for it, and unsure, while their friends are influencing them a bit. Chiemi goes over to his place and makes him dinner, and they do some talking and things get intimate, where the chapter ends. And in the next one, they're in the same position, only now the doorbell rings and their friends are there to bother them. So they have a little party, and get drunk. Things get rowdy and violent, and when Chiemi and Akifumi get a moment alone, they get ready to do it, but fall asleep.
In the last chapter, Chiemi meets a new boy named Tachibana, who looks like her cousin Mizuki. He acts all nice and embarrassed in front of her, but at the end of the volume we see him talking to a friend, and it's obvious that he has something planned, and we don't know what.
And that's it. That's as far as we ever see, leaving the reader on a cliffhanger. I started reading this around the time they were releasing it, so I experienced all the pauses in release dates, and have been wanting to know what happens next ever since they stopped releasing it, which was a while ago.
I like how rough Chiemi and Akifumi are to everyone else and each other, but how sensitive they are at the same time. And their friends are great. The conversations are great, and there are other characters that I like as well. The art is pretty, and can get rough when it needs to, like in the yelling and fighting scenes. It's a bit like Kyousuke Motomi's, the author of Dengeki Daisy, in how her art can be very gentle and pretty, and then turn very hard and rough. I'm not comparing the series to that one, though, because they are very different.
I miss this series, as I really liked it, even though I don't think it got too much attention while it was being released, and we didn't get a whole lot of it. And I really hope that someone does release it over here.

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