Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Manga Review: MeruPuri, Volume 3, by Matsuri Hino

Publisher: VIZ Media
Goodreads Synopsis:

While on a seaside field trip, the little boy Aram and Airi find themselves in the middle of a blackout at a public bath. Frazzled to no end, Airi drags Aram inside a closet, but someone walks in on them. Will Aram's secret be blown so soon? Meanwhile, Aram's former fiancee Mariabel shows up at school. What evil schemes does she have in store for Aram and Airi?


I've been putting of reviewing this, because I've been wanting to review other things, and all that. But I can't put it off anymore, I want to read the last volume too badly.
This volume starts with Raz catching them, and continuing to be a jerk for the rest of the chapter. He does something mean to Airi, making her rethink her relationship with Aram. And then Aram is awesome, and there's a very cute, a bit hot, of a moment between Airi and Aram. Also, it's explained that Raz's family is the family that the traitor Airi is related to betrayed before running off to the human world, and Raz doesn't forgive her for this.
In the next chapter, Aram is sick, and the first half is mostly full of cute moments between Airi and Aram. In the second half of the chapter, they go back to school, where there is another exchange student. The new student is Mariabel, also from Astale, and she's Aram's previous fiance. We met her in the previous volume, but I didn't take much notice of her. She's a bit of a spoiled brat, actually. She and Aram and Airi talk, and Mariabel is dramatic and 'just wants to be friends with Aram', and then she gives them a box. Aram doesn't want anything to do with her, but Airi feels bad and takes the box.
At the end of the chapter, Airi and Aram are hugging and go to kiss and tell each other they love each other, when the box freaks out and some magic stuff happens. And we find out that the box made him forget his memories, like the ones with Airi. Airi is devastated, and Lei is a jerk about it as he works with Mariabel. Jeile comes through the mirror, and he is awesome.
Throughout the rest of the book, Airi is determined to get Aram back, and Mariabel is a spoiled brat and Lei is a jerk and no help. Aram is confused through most of it. He doesn't know that Airi is his maiden or wife, he thinks Mariabel is, and he knows that they're not telling him something. Plus, he feels weird whenever around Airi, and he doesn't know why.
They end up back in Astale, and Airi gets pulled through, so she's stuck. Raz wants to torture her, and Mariabel wants her to go away. Aram doesn't really know what to do with her, as he's mostly confused. There's an especially cute moment near the end between Airi and Aram, but then Aram gets a little freaked out and runs off. And it ends with Airi going into an abandoned, locked building that belonged to the traitor she's related to, knowing that it will help somehow.
Throughout most of this, Jeile is quite awesome. I wasn't too fond of him in the previous volumes, and I didn't take his feelings for Airi very seriously, but he's very sweet and helpful to her now. It makes me love him quite a bit, actually.
At the end, there's a cute extra chapter about when Aram is first born, and Jeile doesn't really know what to think about it. He feels that he's being replaced, and he doesn't really get along with Aram's mother, his stepmother. And in it, he meets Lei for the first time and gives him a rose, thinking that he's a girl. He's surprised and a bit embarrassed when he finds out that he's wrong. Jeile is an adorable little kid, though.
This volume got even better than the last. The drama got kicked up a notch, and there's a lot of cute, and hot, scenes between Aram and Airi. Jeile is awesome. And Airi shows that she loves Aram, and even when most are against her, she doesn't give up on getting her Aram back, even if it's a little heartbreaking at points.
I love how Hino fits so much drama and sexiness into such a short series. And I love it so much. I'll probably be posting the review for the next and last volume of the series soon, because all I have to do is reread it, which won't take long for me to do.

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