Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Manga Review: Golden Kamuy, Volume 2, by Satoru Noda

Rating (Out of 5): ~3
Publisher: VIZ Signature (VIZ Media)
Release Date: September 2017
Volumes: 12+
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 3.

Goodreads Synopsis:

A tale of high adventure and survival on the Japanese frontier!
In the early 20th century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi Sugimoto searches the wilderness of the Japanese frontier of Hokkaido for a hoard of hidden gold. With only a cryptic map and a native Ainu girl to help him, Saichi must also deal with every murderous cutthroat, bandit and rogue who knows about the treasure!


I missed the first volume, so I really had no idea what I was getting into in this volume.
Sugimoto and Asirpa are in wilderness, hiding. Sugimoto is running from someone, and it appears that Asirpa is helping him, until they get attacked at least. It's a bit violent, but smart in character and in information regarding the area and the people.
We meet Asirpa's village, and we also get to see the people Sugimoto is hiding from, and there's some messy stuff regarding that. There's also a surprising use of cooking and information regarding the land and the animals, I thought. But maybe that's only because I wasn't really expecting it, nor is it much of my interest.
While this isn't usually something I would read, I found this volume quite interesting. It was dark at times, funny at others, and smart in all ways, and the artwork is very nice. I'm a bit intrigued, actually.

A review copy was provided by the publisher, VIZ Media, for an honest review. Thank you so, so much!

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