Monday, January 30, 2012

Manga Review: Arisa, Volume 4, by Natsumi Ando

Rating (Out of 5): 3
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Volumes: 9+

Amazon Synopsis:
Twin sisters, Arisa and Tsubasa, are separated by their parent's divorce. The twins secretly exchange letters with each other during their separation. They are finally united after three years and Arisa asks Tsubasa to pretend to be her and spend a day in her school just for fun. At school everyone seems very nice to Tsubasa (who is pretending to be Arisa) and everything seemed normal... until she finds a strange note in her sister's shoe locker. When Tsubasa hands over the letter to Arisa, Arisa tries to kill herself by jumping out of a window. Arisa survives but remains in a coma. The letter read, "Arisa is a traitor." After her sister's suicide attempt, Tsubasa is determined to unravel the mystery behind the letter and her sister's suicide attempt so Tsubasa continues to go to school as Arisa... will she find out who sent the note and why it had such an effect on Arisa?
I've been wanting to read the next one in this series for a while, and I finally found it. I'm mostly enjoying the series, but I'm still wondering where it's going. As more complications are just about the only thing happening.
At the beginning of this one, Osawa steals the phone from Tsubasa, putting her in a fire in the midst, only for Kudo, the guy that set her up, to 'save' her. Osawa uses the phone to make a wish, because he wants this girl, but then she makes fun of him (because she thinks that he's stalking her, which is possibly true), and so he decides to change his wish to that he wishes she wouldn't judge people by their looks. And so she goes blind. And Osawa doesn't even seem sorry about it! He's a little psychotic, I think.
Only she doesn't really go blind, since Tsubasa blocked her from the glass that hit her eyes. And I'm wondering what happened to Osawa, since Kudo does something to him and we don't see him anymore in this volume.
And then Midori breaks up with Arisa/Tsubasa, because he doesn't think she really loves him. Which makes sense, since she's been hanging out with Manabe a lot. Anyway, Manabe and Tsubasa, and Takeru, are trying to find out who has the two other phones (you know, the phones with the numbers that were chosen by the king). But Manabe is acting weird, and we see that he has one of the phones that Tsubasa is looking for (which I was really confused by, in a way that made me think it could have been done better, but I get it now). And then he's mean to Tsubasa, and we find out that he has a friend who used to go to their school, and who has the phone they are looking for. Tsubasa meets her, is nice to her, but she hates Arisa for some reason. She's been hurt, and is in a wheelchair, but is going on some field trip with their class. And she has all three of the phones, and is obviously planning to do something to Arisa/Tsubasa.
We keep finding out that Arisa has done these terrible things, but have a completely different impression of her from Tsubasa. I'm wondering when (if) she's going to wake up so that we can find out who she actually is. And, I'm thinking that Kudo is the King? (Unless they introduce someone else...) He's up to something big that we aren't aware of. I'm waiting for all of that to hit, for whatever this is all leading up to. I'm hoping that it's good, and that there aren't too many things that are going to come up to prolong it from occurring.
So, I'm enjoying the series, for the most part. And I have the next couple, so I'll probably be reviewing them soon.

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