Sunday, January 29, 2012

Manga Review: Tail of the Moon, Volume 2, by Rinko Ueda

Rating (Out of 5): 3
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 15
Goodreads Synopsis:

Sometimes it seems like Usagi is hopeless. Sure, she's good with healing herbs, but she's the granddaughter of the leader of a prestigious ninja village and she's such a klutz that she's never made it out of the kiddie class. Finally frustrated with Usagi's lack of progress, her grandfather sends her to marry a local lord and have lots of ninja babies. But the lord has no interest in her or her child bearing potential! After years of goofing around, Usagi is finally determined to reach her goals--she's going to become a ninja and capture her true love's heart!

This is still mostly alright. I'm liking the characters a little more, but I'm not really loving any of them.
It starts by showing that Goemon and Usagi as little kids, with Goemon being tested as a ninja by having to carry Usagi on his back until she can talk, so he gets used to carrying her for two years. And also that they're supposed to be getting married. Which we find out later that Goemon has refused to do, until he finds that someone else wants her.
She enters in this race, and Hanzo shows up and helps her. And then Goemon makes a big scene by kissing her and stating that they're engaged, and he continues with this throughout the rest of the book, while she denies it.
And then Hanzo leaves, Usagi runs after him, and then does something dumb and they end up falling down a cliff and staying on their own for the night, naked, in only a blanket. Nothing really happens, aside from some lines being exchanged that gives Usagi hope and makes her fall in love with him even more.
Usagi ends up going back with Hanzo, taking Mamezo and Goemon with her. Goemon is against her going, and Hanzo states that he will agree to marry her if she can become a ninja, and the same for Yuri, because apparently her sister was the one that was qualified as a ninja at an early age. Yuri is upset about this. Anyway, Goemon decides to train Usagi, and makes her go through several things, not wanting her to make the deadline of by the the end of the year. Also, Goemon tries to kill Sara, because he takes her for an enemy. Hanzo saves her, making it obvious he still has feelings for her, and Usagi is upset about it.
And then Goemon convinces Usagi and Yuri to go find Hanzou (the one that is with Sara). They're wary, but they go. They meet a fellow herbalist (like Usagi) along the way, and then they have to sneak into the palace when they aren't permitted entrance, and they find out that Hanzou has been locked away by his father because he doesn't approve of his relationship with Sara, but Hanzou won't give in. Also, Hanzo is worried about them (read: Usagi) the whole time they're gone, and Yuri forms a pretty big crush on Goemon on the trip. And then Sara and Hanzo barge in and Sara and Hanzou make a big scene, and Hanzou's father finally accepts their relationship. I do like Sara and Hanzou, and am glad that they're back together.
And then it turns out that the man they met works for Hanzou and wants Usagi to work under him as a herbalist. I think that this is a perfect idea, as that is really the only thing she's good at (because she is really not good at being a ninja, and she doesn't have any of the qualities for it, which it's possible for it to happen, but it would take a lot of time and determination, which she doesn't have). But when they tell her that she's not suited to be a ninja, she's crushed, and even more so when Hanzo agrees.
But she decides to stay and learn to be a herbalist, along with Yukimaru, who wears fancy clothes. Yukimaru also tries to hurt Usagi (out of obvious jealousy), only for Usagi to do it on her own. And then they're in the bath together, where we find out that Yukimaru is a guy. And then, I guess he falls or trips or something and gets hurt, and Usagi freaks out a little bit.
So, um, yea. It's alright. A bit better than the first one, I guess, but still not amazing or anything. And I know this is a long series, so I'm starting to wonder how much is going to happen in the series, what things are going to come up to cause drama, as I'm guessing things are going to. And if I'm going to enjoy it or not.

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