Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Manga Review: Kiss Him, Not Me!, Volume 2, by Junko

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: December 2015
Volumes: 7+
Spoilers?: Light.
Volume: 1. 3.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Hi there! It's Kae again.
When I go to school every day, it feels like I’m walking into a real life dating game. Four of the hottest guys in my school are with me everywhere I go!

The school festival is coming up and I’ve been put in charge of making the boys outfits for a cosplay cafĂ©. Do you know what this means? That’s right, I get to see them all in costume! I have lived for this day, and this day alone. I’m brimming with excitement to go full-throttle fujoshi on those boys! But wait! Last night before the festival, Igarashi-kun was acting kind of weird, wasn’t he?

And now, it’s the day of the event and crazy things keep happening to me with these four beautiful boys! My heart won’t stop pounding! This is way too real for me. I want to go back to my fantasies!!


I’m surprised by how much I’m loving this series so far.
The school is having a festival this volume, with cafes and plays and haunted houses, including the boys cosplaying which makes Kae’s inner fangirl swoon. The boys are getting fed up with sharing her, though, and acting like they’re all best friends, so they make a schedule for each boy to take turns with her.
This starts out all right, but gets more and more overwhelming for Kae, having so many boys focusing solely on her for a period of time. And when the boys start fighting, she freaks out. Igarashi really impresses me here, honestly, the way he stop and tells her they’ll go slow. It’s incredibly romantic and sweet and I love him for it.
The last chapter is Christmas, but instead of celebrating that, Kae has plans for Comiket. The boys unknowingly decide to join her on that, wanting to spend time with her, without really knowing what comiket is or what they’ll be doing for it. It’s sweet seeing how devoted they are to spend time with her and make her happy, when they even have to split up and buy her yaoi books to save time. It’s hilarious and quite adorable. 
I can’t wait for the next volume.

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