Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Manga Review: Game x Rush, Volume 2, by Mizuho Kusanagi

Rating (Out of 5): ~3
Publisher: Tokyopop
Release Date: 2009.
Volumes: 2.
Spoilers?: No.
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Volume: 1.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Japan's greatest bodyguard and greatest assassin caught in a deadly game...

The mystery behind Yuuki's sordid past is revealed, but can Memori tell the difference between what is fact and what is fiction? And what if the truth has something to do with Memori's own mysterious past?

From the creator of Mugen Spiral and NG Life comes hot bishonen action with a deadly twist!


This is clearly a weaker series, probably an earlier series, by Kusanagi. I have quite enjoyed her previous ones, whereas this was more meh.
The humor is rather exaggerated but funny, and a lot of the chapters are episodic with only hinting of something deeper. Until we finally get further in this volume, and we finally see what Yuuki has been hiding. And, honestly, it is really bad. It’s dark, and I feel terrible for him.
Having lived in such a terrible situation when he was a kid, and then finally finding the real child who should have been there. It’s bad, and I feel for him. But the reveal needed to happen, and I think it worked out understandably. The ending was fitting.
Overall, it was an okay series.

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