Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Manga Review: Haikyu!!, Volume 17, by Haruichi Furudate

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Shonen Jump (VIZ Media)
Release Date: November 2017
Volumes: 30+
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 16. 18.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Shoyo Hinata is out to prove that in volleyball you don't need to be tall to fly!

Ever since he saw the legendary player known as “the Little Giant” compete at the national volleyball finals, Shoyo Hinata has been aiming to be the best volleyball player ever! Who says you need to be tall to play volleyball when you can jump higher than anyone else?

It’s the final set of the Spring Tournament Qualifier semifinals, and Aoba Johsai has game point! With their backs against the wall yet again, Karasuno digs deep and throws their greatest efforts into one final rally. Will they be able to take the set and overcome the Great King?!


We finally get to the end of the game with Aoba Johsai. It's intense, it's high-stakes, and then it's over. It's a really good game, for all of them, and then it's on to Shiratorizawa.
In between games, we get a tiny reprieve, mostly where we get to see the third years when they first started. It's neat seeing Sawamura, Sugawara, and Azumane as younger kids, and how they decided to push to get better. We also get one page to see the Nekoma guys. I was surprised by how little of a break we get, though, cause then it's straight into a new game in the next chapter.
We get to see who's shown up to cheer them on, and it's a nice crowd this time. It's sweet, and I do love getting excited with their fans/families.
And then we're right back in, this time with Shiratorizawa. While they've never played against this school before, they've also not put as much thought into it until it was happening. Aoba Johsai had been their main rivals for so long, that now they've had to move beyond that to bigger, actual goals.
And Shiratorizawa is a whole other league. They're really making Karasuno strain and stress and worry. It's obvious that Tsukkishima is letting his pessimism take over, and is already giving in to the loss of at least one set. That's contrasted with his other teammates, though, who will fight until the very end, especially the intensity of Nishinoya in this game.
This was so good, and I was literally grinning while reading it. I can't wait to start the next one.

A review copy was provided by the publisher, VIZ Media, for an honest review. Thank you so, so much!

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