Sunday, February 5, 2012

Manga Review: Arisa, Volume 5, by Natsumi Ando

Rating (Out of 5): 3.5
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Volumes: 9+

Amazon Synopsis:

Twin sisters, Arisa and Tsubasa, are separated by their parent's divorce. The twins secretly exchange letters with each other during their separation. They are finally united after three years and Arisa asks Tsubasa to pretend to be her and spend a day in her school just for fun. At school everyone seems very nice to Tsubasa (who is pretending to be Arisa) and everything seemed normal... until she finds a strange note in her sister's shoe locker. When Tsubasa hands over the letter to Arisa, Arisa tries to kill herself by jumping out of a window. Arisa survives but remains in a coma. The letter read, "Arisa is a traitor." After her sister's suicide attempt, Tsubasa is determined to unravel the mystery behind the letter and her sister's suicide attempt so Tsubasa continues to go to school as Arisa... will she find out who sent the note and why it had such an effect on Arisa?


This was actually a little better than the last one.
So the first bit is about the trip they go on, and has the normal kind of drama. Tsubasa is dealing with Shizuka, who hates her. Tsubasa is trying to get all of the phones back from her, and then Shizuka makes a wish to take something important from Arisa. Tsubasa immediately thinks of Midori-kun, and into a trap set by the King. Manabe comes and saves her, but their class had to wait for her to get back in order to eat, and they think she ran off to spend time with Manabe, resulting in them all hating her and Arisa losing her good reputation. And Shizuka also thinks that Manabe betrayed her.
This was... just whatever. It's the same type of thing that's been going on already. Just more drama to put off the climax that I'm hoping is coming soon. The next part, though, I did enjoy.
The next chapter shows us what happened to Shizuka to this point, and what Manabe knows about it all. Shizuka was immensely competitive with Arisa, wanting to be number one in their class or grades or whatever, becoming obsessed with it. And then she bad talks the King in front of everyone, making them all hate her. (This was a dumb move, of course, on her part.) And it shows how much she relied on Manabe to do everything for her, including things to Arisa that she shouldn't have made him do. All because of some promise he made when they were little kids. And then Arisa, who he'd been getting close to, was going to tell Manabe something, presumably something very important, but Shizuka jumped off the rooftop of their school, interrupting them.
Manabe blames himself, but Shizuka is a little psychotic and obsessive, and she obviously needs help. And I want to know what Arisa was going to tell him.
And in the last chapter, we see that Kudo is up to something, and Shizuka is still hating on Arisa. But Tsubasa decides to follow Shizuka, but instead she gets caught and they start talking. And we find out that her home life sucks. We saw in the previous chapter that her parents died, and she was taken in by some relatives. Which is part of why she was so obsessive over being top of the class, because she wanted to prove to them that it was worth it to take her in. But then she jumps off the roof and now she can't walk anymore. But the people that she's living with are complete jerks to her, don't care about her, and don't help her with anything. Tsubasa gets all defensive, but Shizuka is used to it, even if it depresses her and makes her feel worthless. Shizuka also tells her that a while ago the King came to her, through the phone, telling her that he could help her.
At the end of the chapter, we see Tsubasa coming up to Shizuka, and putting a cloth over her mouth until she passes out. This doesn't seem like something Tsubasa would do, and I'm curious as to what her reason was.
So, I am a little tired of all the drama pushing back the climax. I just want to find out who the King is, and I'm getting annoyed with only seeing a black-shadow-type figure with a weird grin, especially with all the clues it's giving us, only to take them back not long after. And I want to find out what really happened with Arisa. Some more flashbacks (or Arisa waking up,) would be really nice, and I hope that more are coming up.
But, I have the next one already, so the review for it will probably be coming up soon.

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