Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: the Alchemy of Forever (Incarnations, #1) by Avery Williams

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Pulse It)
Spoilers?: Yes. (Full of 'em.)

Goodreads Synopsis:

Seraphina has been alive since the Middle Ages, when her boyfriend, Cyrus, managed to perfect a method of alchemy that lets them swap bodies with any human being. Sera ran away from Cyrus years ago, when she realized that what they were doing--taking the lives of innocent people--was wrong. She doesn't want to die, so she finds young people who are on the brink of death, and inhabits their bodies.


This was... a little better and a little not as good as I thought it would be.
It's about Seraphina, who can take over other peoples bodies, but they don't last too long, and has done so for hundreds of years, along with Cyrus, the alchemist's son who made her that way, and the coven that they've made. At the beginning, it was nice, Cyrus was sweet, but then he changed. And their coven expanded. And Cyrus got mean, controlling. And now Sera wants out. And in the midst of getting out, letting her soul go to whatever is after this, she accidentally takes over a girl while trying to save her.
I liked the subject matter; it sounded really interesting. It reminded m of the Immortals series, only a little different. Also, Sera's situation (what with her knowing she's not going to around long) reminded me a little like the one from A Need So Beautiful, only not as good (but, to be fair, I rather loved A Need So Beautiful). But then Sera kind of ruined it, just a little.
My main problem with this was that she took over the girls body, got stuck in her life, and then pretended to go along with everything. But she had no idea who the girl was or who her friends were or anything. And she took her over after the girl was in a car accident, so why didn't she just feign amnesia or something along those lines? I guess that would have caused more of a scene, though, huh? It just bothered me.
And I didn't like that Sera didn't try to put up much of a fight. She should have fought with Cyrus, stood up for herself, instead of running away. That was dumb of her. And if she wanted to end it, she should have just killed herself, like she was going to originally, instead of hiding out for the rest of her given life or whatever. One thing I did like about her is that she was a bit damaged after what happened with Cyrus, but that's always a deal-maker for me.
I'm interested in finding out what happens with Kailey's (the girl that Sera took over) friends and family. Although some of it seemed a bit dramatic for drama's sake. Also, what happened with the rest of the coven after she left? I'm assuming that we'll find out in the next one, because it's obvious that something happened between them all and Cyrus. And Cyrus, is a jerk.
And I liked Noah. He was sweet, and he liked her, and he has a bit of a broken home life, and I want to know more about him (like just about everyone else in the book). And the ending. Oh my god, the ending. That's a huge cliffhanger! Please tell me that that only means that Cyrus got to him, not that he took him over. Because I will not be okay if he took him over. Not okay, at all.
Also, a little off topic: what is up with people that have been alive for hundreds of years being so much like teenagers? They should act older than that. (And, yes, I see the symbolic meaning there.) They should be smarter than that. Although, I guess Sera is in a bit of a different situation, given what Cyrus put her through. Still, it bothers me.
Anyway. This was pretty good, even with the things that bothered me about it. I really want to know what happens next, especially with Noah. And I hope that Sera gets stronger, and better, in the next one. (Also, how many are there? Is this a two-shot, or a trilogy? Or more?)
[Oh, also, I read this online on Pulse It's website, as they upload about two complete books every month.]

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