Sunday, February 17, 2013

Manga Review: Dengeki Daisy, Volume 10, by Kyousuke Motomi

Genre: Shojo
Rating (Out of 5): ~4-4.5
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 13+
Spoilers?: Very minor.
Available at: Amazon.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences rated teen plus. After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help… Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?

A powerful organization that was after Kurosaki’s “Jack Frost” virus suddenly falls apart, but Kurosaki can’t rest easy since Akira was somehow involved. Furthermore, Akira tells Kurosaki that Teru is still a target! Can Kurosaki protect Teru from Akira’s menacing schemes?


It has been forever since I read this volume, but I do want to write something up for it, since I should be getting the next volume soon.
So. I love this series. I have said something along those lines before, probably in all of the reviews prior to this one. This is just a really good series. It’s sweet and funny and exciting and I really enjoy every volume of it.
At the moment, the series has calmed down a little bit, but it seems like it’s mostly just to add anticipation, to hint at things that are coming. We see that the Enemies are up to something, are hiding something and planning. Not sure what yet, but it’s surely not to be good. There’s also some memories and talk of the past, and one very exciting, badass scene between Kurosaki, Teru, and Akira, who is seriously psychotic.
Aside from that, though, there were several cute and sweet scenes between Teru and Kurosaki. Right now, they’re a little awkward around each other, getting used to being around each other while knowing how the other feels. I really like them together, and I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops even further.
I really liked this volume. I really like this series. It’s definitely one of my favorites, up there rather high, and while I hate having to wait so long for every volume, I love reading each one when I get them. I’m excited to get the next one, which I know I will finish way too quickly.

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