Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wishlist Thursday[10]: fml by Shaun David Hutchinson

fml by Shaun David Hutchinson
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Simon Pulse)
Publish Date: June 25th, 2013 (in paperback and hardback!)

Goodreads Synopsis:

There’s more than one way to get the girl in this fun and fast-paced novel about one epic party and a kiss that could change everything.Tonight’s the night: Simon’s big chance to finally get with Cassie. Cassie, who he’s loved for ages. Cassie, who is newly boyfriend-free. Cassie, who just happens to be throwing the biggest party of the year. Simon’s plan is simple: He’ll go to the party, she’ll fall in love with him, they’ll make out like crazy, and the night will be a complete success.

But things don’t ever go as planned…especially when it comes to Cassie.

In two alternating plotlines, Simon goes after the girl of his dreams and stumbles toward his destiny. It’s one night, one party, and a thousand ways for things to go wrong…but a million ways for them to go right.


This pretty much just sounds like a good book to me. It’s Hutchinson’s first, I believe. And it sounds and looks like Tom Leveen’s novel Party, which I enjoyed. And it seems like, to me, it’ll be a book that I enjoy, one that’s somewhat lighthearted, and quick, and above 3 stars. I’m looking forward to reading it when I get the chance, though, and finding out.

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