Saturday, August 10, 2013

Manga Review: Kare First Love, Volume 2, by Kaho Miyasaka

Rating (Out of 5): ~3-3.5
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo)
Volumes: 10
Spoilers?: Some/Yes.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Insecure and bespectacled student Karin Karino experiences the bumpy ride of first love in this touching drama set against the backdrop of typical high school life. When she becomes handsome Kiriya's object of affection, she wonders if she can truly deal with the consequences. Upon finding out that Kiriya had asked Karin to be his girlfriend, Karin's schoolmate Yuka bullies her and pushes her down a stairway to depression. Later, Kiriya asks Karin to go on a trip over their summer vacation, but things don't go as planned. Can Kiriya bring Karin happiness? Or does his love just spell trouble?


So, Karin and Kiriya break up/don’t start going out, because Karin is afraid, ‘cause of her being bullied and all. And Yuka just does not want to let up on the bullying, wanting to prove she’s better than Karin and all that. Karin suffers for a while, then Nanri helps her, and finally Kiriya saves her.
So Kiriya and Karin are going out now; Karin plays the piano for him, tells him some stuff about her life, he reveals practically nothing to her (although the reader gets hints, when we meet his sister-in-law), they sneak around and kiss a little, and go out on a date and hold hands. Oh, and say they love each other, of course, because they have reason to feel that way, right? Also, she talks to Nanri about sex and her worries regarding it and possible plans to have it.
Then Karin is forced to start studying more over the summer, but she makes plans to go somewhere with Kiriya (and Nanri, Tohru, and Hiromu, incidentally). She gets stressed and then sick and gets some things cleared up with her mom, who was previously pushing her, and pushing away from her, and disapproving of Kiriya.
That’s pretty much it for this volume. Kiriya and Karin are getting closer, finding out more about each other. The next volume will, probably, have the summer trip, so that could be interesting. I don’t feel that they’re going to have sex on it, but something’ll happen, I’m sure. 
I like this series. It’s a bit ridiculous at times, and very cliché and stereotypical, but I don’t mind that too much. I want to find out more about Kiriya, Karin is alright, I like Nanri, she’s a great character. I want to get farther in the series, and am looking forward to reading the next volume.

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