Sunday, January 26, 2014

Novel Review: Animal Attraction (Neuri Chronicles, #1) by Charlene Teglia

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: 2009
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Chandra Walker has a secret hidden in her genes—she’s a rare female werewolf. Now that her all-male pack has located her, it’s her destiny to sample each man’s pleasures and choose a mate from among them—a mate who will become pack leader. Soon the strongest alphas are competing to bring Chandra the most ecstasy, but only one man will claim her. Find out who in Animal Attraction

The Cover:

I actually don't mind this cover. It's a bit embarrassing, but not overly so. I actually rather like the color scheme and the way the pictures work together. And it fits the book really well.


  • "Pack, I mused. Another word for home? (Paperback, pg. 81)


This was a surprisingly good book.
I loved the characters, the main and minor ones, and would have liked to got to know them all a lot better. I liked Chandra, the main character, a lot. Her voice was well done, and it was fun being in her head. I also liked her two main guys, Zach and David. I wasn’t too sure where the romance was going, although I had my suspicions, and really like how it all ended up. I really felt her attraction and chemistry with David, and really liked him as a character, and while I think the intensity between them was higher then between her and Zach, I did still feel their connection as well. Then there were the other wolves, and I liked the ones we got to know.
The whole ritual thing was a little odd, but I didn’t mind that. It was a neat, and very hot, take on the werewolves. There was a lot of sex in this book, but it was very good sex, there was variety, and none of the scenes seemed to drag on or anything. 
Overall, I really enjoyed this story, to a surprising amount. I hope to pick up something else by Teglia when I get the chance, and I believe there’s also a short story for this series, so I hope to read that at some point.

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