Sunday, January 5, 2014

Novel Review: Temptation's Edge (Edge, #3) by Eve Berlin/Eden Bradley

Rating (Out of 5): ~3
Genre: Adult/Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Berkley Heat (Penguin)
Release Date: 2012
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

From the author of The Dark Garden (written under the name Eden Bradley)...

What happens when you let yourself fall over the edge…and into temptation?

Mischa Kennon isn’t one to take it lying down, at least not until she meets sexy Connor Galloway, a green-eyed Irishman with an air of authority she finds hard to resist. While performing duties as maid of honor to her best friend, Mischa indulges in a casual relationship with Connor. She’s surprised by the thrill of his dominance, and lusts for more feisty battles before surrender.

It’s all fun and games in the BDSM Pleasure Dome Club, until Mischa realizes Connor could master her heart. If she gives in to desire, will it be too much to handle, or will it open her to a kind of love she never thought possible?

The Cover:

The cover's alright. It's a little embarrassing, but mostly it just doesn't evoke much feeling in me. The font and swirls are pretty, the couple's alright. It shows that this is a romance book, the color doesn't do much for me. Overall it's pretty average, and could be better. The Eden Bradley cover is a little plain, but prettier than this one.


I was really hoping to like this book. It sounded good, it looked good, but it just didn’t pull off all that well.
My main problem, I think, was the writing. It just didn’t pull me in, much at all. It almost made it hard to read, hard to pay attention. It was a little boring, even.
The characters were all right, although I don’t think I connected very much with any of them. I wanted to like them, but they just weren’t that great. Their attraction happened a little too fast for me, as well, and I’m not sure why it particularly bothered me in this case, but it did. The story was alright, good for the most part.
The best part of the book, for me, was the sex. The sex scenes were really good, really hot, kinky with a D/s side to them. The sex scenes actually made me bump the rating up a little, and their including the D/s element is what makes me really upset about not enjoying this book. Because I would have liked to read Berlin’s other books, particularly the previous books in this series, had this been an easier, better read for me.
Overall, I enjoyed parts, but am mostly disappointed. I don’t know if I’m going to pick up another of Berlin’s books, but it’s possible.

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