Saturday, June 25, 2016

Manga Review: The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Volume 4, by Aya Shouoto

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Shojo Beat (VIZ Media)
Release Date: April 2016
Volumes: 8+
Spoilers?: Light.
Volume: 1. 3. 5.

Goodreads Synopsis:

On her sixteenth birthday, orphan Himari Momochi inherits her ancestral estate that she’s never seen. Momochi House exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms, and Himari is meant to act as guardian between the two worlds. But on the day she moves in, she finds three handsome squatters already living in the house, and one seems to have already taken over her role!


The guy from the cliffhanger just ends up breaking my heart in this volume. Ugh.
Hidaka questions Himari about her ring from Aoi, because he recognizes it. When Himari finds out that he’s supposedly cursed, she takes it upon herself to help him, even when he pushes her away in fear of her getting hurt. And this leads to discovering that Hidaka knew Aoi when they were little, and it just breaks my heart a little. I didn’t want it to end that way, and I just want to hug Aoi even more now.
After that, the ayakashi that was cursing Hidaka joins the gang at Momochi House, and he causes a little bit of trouble, but mostly he’s just an adorable little kid. Because of the trouble, though, we do get to see how Aoi really feels about Himari, and he’s so cute. I just love Aoi. The cliffhanger this time, though, looks to be leading to a backstory on Yukari, one of Aoi’s shikigami, and I look forward to that. The shikigami don’t stand out much yet, and I would like to get to know them better.
I am enjoying this series. It’s good, if a little sad at times. I look forward to the next one.

A review copy was provided by the publisher, VIZ Media, for an honest review. Thank you so, so much!

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