Monday, June 13, 2016

Manga Review: Horimiya, Volume 3, by Hero and Daisuke Hagiwara

Rating (Out of 5): ~4.5
Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: April 2016
Volumes: 9+
Spoilers?: Light.
Volume: 1. 2. 4.

Goodreads Synopsis:

The "aww"-inspiring tale of school life continues!

The longer Hori and Miyamura keep each other's secrets, the closer they get. When Hori blurts out an inadvertent "I like you," will Miyamura respond in kind? Or could the slipup spell the end of their friendship...?


I’m addicted. That’s all there is to it. It’s ridiculous how excited I get for each volume of this series.
The chemistry and the tension between these two characters is intense right now. There’s a little awkwardness before they go back to normal, but it’s still obvious. They’re just too afraid to change anything right now. And it’s understandable, but so frustrating. All of their friends are somewhat confused but know that there’s something between them, and are mostly understanding. Even Hori’s little brother is trying to give them space.
There’s a lot of hilarity in this volume. It’s just hilarious at all times, pretty much. But we also get a chapter of when Miyamura was in middle school, and the one friend he made when everyone else avoided him. That friend shows up and freaks Miyamura out, terrorizing him and telling secrets of his past to his new friends. Hori gets sick at the end of the volume, and Miyamura comes over to take care of her, and this results in a super sweet scenes between them, and another romantic cliffhanger.
I love everything about this series. I just want more.

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