Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Manga Review: Kiss Him, Not Me!, Volume 7, by Junko

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: October 2016
Volumes: 11+
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 6. 8.

Goodreads Synopsis:

It's me, Kae! After resolving my differences with Shima-chan, the gang is all together again for a special trip to visit the shrine of a beloved anime character...I mean, historical figure! Things get steamy at a hot springs inn-communal baths, pillow fights--seeing these gorgeous guys together is just too much!!

But it's not all fun and fantasies when Igarashi buckles down to win me over. Are these feelings I get around him something more than friendship? Mustumi-senpai has also stayed close after his confession, and a strange turn of events o our vacation gives him the chance for more alone time with me.

Back at home, the other boys' progress has Nanashima feeling left out in the cold, without some otaku common ground, he doesn't know how to get closer, but his little sister's anime obsession might be the answer he needs! He's really working hard now, and after all that effort, he makes a shocking move to declare his feelings.


The yaoi teasing moments in this series makes me interested to read her actual yaoi series. I bet they're good.
The group takes a trip at the beginning of the volume, in which there are some sticky situations, a life or death moment, and a ghost curse. There is one weird moment that I would feel more worried about, if Mutsumi had any bad intentions at all toward Kae, though it is still questionable. Then Nana tries upping his standing with Kae, only to pass out because of working too much at a part time job.
I like the way that Igarashi is trying to get Kae's attention, to be honest. He's slowly working her toward being comfortable around him, and I like it. Mutsumi is also great, because he genuinely cares and is honest about it; he has no underhanded thoughts ever.
That cliffhanger should lead to something fun, I'm sure. This series is always fun to read more of.

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