Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Manga Review: Object of Desire by Tomoko Noguchi

Rating (Out of 5): ~2.5
Publisher: LuvLuv (Aurora Publishing)
Release Date: 2008
Volumes: 1.
Spoilers?: No.
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Goodreads Synopsis:

When one is looking for love, where can she find it? Problems arise as Kako finds herself as an object of desire for men all around. Can she ever break what men are after and find real love?


I really want to love these josei, smutty books. But yet again, I am disappointed.
The art was weak and I didn’t like it. The characters were one-dimensional and didn’t stand out, and I didn’t particularly like any of them. The stories were weak.
I didn’t like any of the smut, even. The stories were unimpressive, as were the characters, and so I didn’t enjoy reading any of it. I wanted it to be over.

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