Monday, May 29, 2017

Manga Review: Tokyo Ghoul, Volume 10, by Sui Ishida

Rating (Out of 5): ~4-4.5
Publisher: VIZ Signature (VIZ Media)
Release Date: December 2016
Volumes: 14.
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 9. 11.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Ghouls live among us, the same as normal people in every way—except their craving for human flesh.

Ghouls live among us, the same as normal people in every way—except their craving for human flesh. Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student until a violent encounter turns him into the first half-human half-ghoul hybrid. Trapped between two worlds, he must survive Ghoul turf wars, learn more about Ghoul society and master his new powers.

While Kaneki and his friends tangle with Ghouls from the Aogiri Tree organization, the Commission of Counter Ghoul’s ongoing investigations bring them dangerously close to discovering Kaneki’s secret.


Violence. This series is so very violent.
Ken is making progress with his search; he's finding out who might have been in charge of what happened to him, and where to find him. But, at the same time as he discovers the doctor's possible location—so do the ghoul hunters.
There's three teams here. Ken's group, who are helping Ken and trying to find out what happened to Rize and why this happened to him. There are the other ghouls, who contain Naki and Shachi, who are pretty much after Ken, it seems. It also seems they're trying to beat Ken to his goal, though I'm unsure whether they're working with the other bad ghouls or not. Then there are the ghoul hunters—Amon and Mado, and the insane Juzo. I actually rather like Amon and Shinohara, and am intrigued by Mado. I think that Ken could work with them, if possible. 
A lot of fighting happens between these three--a lot of brutality and blood and awfulness.
Near the end of the volume, we finally get to see the fourth group, who are possibly part of Aogiri's team. It's hard to tell who's part of what at this point—because so many different people only know pieces. Ken even gets an interesting clue here, and I'm very intrigued. Then there was that surprising cliffhanger.
This is such an interesting series. I will be reading the next one very soon.

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