Friday, December 14, 2018

Manga Review: Yona of the Dawn, Volume 14, by Mizuho Kusanagi

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Shojo Beat (VIZ Media)
Release Date: October 2018
Volumes: 28+
Spoilers?: No.
Volume: 1. 13. 15.

Goodreads Synopsis:

A red-haired princess loses her family and her kingdom… Now she must rise and fight for her throne!

Princess Yona lives an ideal life as the only princess of her kingdom. Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by her faithful guard Hak, she cherishes the time spent with the man she loves, Su-won. But everything changes on her 16th birthday when tragedy strikes her family!

Yona’s travels take her to the Water Tribe territory, which is said to be the most beautiful area in the Kingdom of Kohka. But despite this region’s reputation, a drug known as “nadai” has spread throughout the land. When one of Yona’s friends becomes affected by nadai, how far will Yona go to help him?


 The group makes a stop in a water tribe village, where there are nefarious things happening at night. Jaeha experiences this first hand, unsurprisingly. They discover that people are being tricked into a drug addiction that makes them crazy, and of course they need to find out who's doing it and how to stop it.
We meet the water tribe princess here, Riri, as she has a tendency to sneak out. She wants to do things, to explore and learn, but she's always being held back. She's also not taught anything helpful, much like Yona used to be. For her, seeing Yona is rather surprising, and gives her an image of what she wants to be. It's inspiring.
This series has so many comedic moments, sure, but it does the inspiring ones, the thoughtful and impressive moments, just as good. And there are quite a few here, as we see Yona standing up for what she believes in, and fighting even when things are against her. She's surviving, as she has learned to do.
I just love this series so completely. Every volume is amazing, and a thing of art, and I need more in my life.

A review copy was provided by the publisher, VIZ Media, for an honest review. Thank you so, so much!

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