Sunday, August 14, 2016

Manga Review: 7th Garden, Volume 1, by Mitsu Izumi

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Publisher: Shonen Jump (VIZ Media)
Release Date: July 5, 2016
Volumes: 6+
Spoilers?: Light.
Volume: 2.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Awyn Gardner will do anything to protect the beautiful mistress of the equally beautiful estate gardens he lovingly tends—even enslave himself to an also beautiful demon bent on world domination! The high-pitched battle is on between powerful angels, sexy demons and innocent people to dominate a world rife with political intrigue…and to win the heart of one hapless human man!

Awyn strives to be the perfect gardener—and perfect man—to win over his human mistress. But then he unwittingly awakens the demon Vyrde, and his village is attacked by crusader knights! Desperate to protect the apple of his eye, Awyn pledges fealty to Vyrde in exchange for the ability to wield a powerful demonic sword. What he doesn’t know is that his new demon mistress is scheming to slay the six angels who rule the world—so she can. Then more enemies attack, one of them armed with…a particle-ray cannon?!


First of all: color pages! They’re gorgeous. The artwork is very pretty in this book, reminds me a little bit of 07-Ghost. Though with quite a bit more ecchi shots.
Awyn has a lot of held in rage from his past, wanting revenge for what happened to him and his family. But he’s holding onto residing happily in this small village, and his relationship with Marie. Marie is his mistress, younger than him and going to be married off soon. He’s merely her gardener, and that’s what he wants. But then he makes a contract with a demon, Vyrde, in order to save everything.
I’m immediately intrigued by Awyn. He wants to live a peaceful life, protecting Marie and gardening, always smiling in front of everyone, but he’s not afraid to kill when something is threatening him or what he holds dear. I’m interested to see where his character goes from here.
Vyrde is an interesting character, very manipulative and with her own agenda, though I like how she gets enjoyment out of mischief, and her careless attitude around people and personal space. I’m already a huge fan of Marie, and hope that she gets to stay a main character. I want to see more of her and how she grows.
This was an enjoyable volume. I’m intrigued and want to read more.

 A review copy was provided by the publisher, VIZ Media, for an honest review. Thank you so, so much!

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