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Manga Review: Dengeki Daisy, Volume 7, by Kyousuke Motomi

Rating (Out of 5): ~4 - 4.5
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 11+

Goodreads Synopsis:

Kurosaki decides that he needs to tell Teru the truth, but little does he know that an unsettling fellow called Akira has other ideas. What is Akira scheming, and how will his actions irrevocably affect Teru's relationship with Kurosaki?


This volume... Oh, this volume. It was... It just... It. I'm even sure how to describe it yet. It was amazing. Everything, well, almost everything that I wanted to happen, happened. And I totally wasn't expecting it. I was thinking that it was going to be put off for a bit longer, till at least the next volume. But some serious stuff happened in this one, you guys. I don't even.
So, it opens with Teru wondering what the other teachers think of Kurosaki. Some like him, some don't. One of her teachers, doesn't. He doesn't like his bleached hair, and he thinks he's a bad influence on Teru, and blames him for Teru's grades. He tells all of this to Teru, and since she gets fed up of it, she tells him that if she doesn't get the top grades on the next test, she will have him dye his hair black. Kurosaki and the teacher talk, and Kurosaki is a bit mean, as he's mad, and gets the teacher's computer infected. Teru, feeling sorry for the guy, asks Daisy to fix it. Anyway, all of the other students ponder on Kurosaki with black hair, and then decide that he should dye his hair, but Teru feels, a little, bad and so studies very hard to pass. Which she does, despite the fact that she has a bit of a cold.
In the next chapter, Kurosaki goes to visit the grave of his old professor, who we haven't heard of yet, and who I'm assuming we'll hear more of later. Then it moves to Teru, who runs into Akira again, but thinks very little of it, unaware that he stole her bus pass. The next day, in class, her friends are talking about kissing, and she starts thinking about it, and what it would be like to kiss Kurosaki. But later, when she goes back to the bus station to look for her pass, she runs into Akira, yet again, who (aside from seeming just a tad psychotic) shows it to her but wants something in return. Catching her by surprise, he kisses her.
Teru is very upset about this, and after hitting him and running away, she goes home and locks herself in her room. Riko tells Kurosaki that some stranger kissed Teru, she's upset about it, and doesn't want to see him. He's upset that someone else kissed her, but goes home to sulk. And send her a message from Daisy.
And the message he sends her. Oh, that message, was amazing. He starts out normal, trying to get her not to think about it, but then adds at the end, how he wants to do something, but quickly sends another message to take it back. And she replies with something full of deeper meaning, and they both blush. The next day, when they're heading to school, they're all red and awkward, and still pretending that they don't know he's Daisy. It was fantastic, and made me so happy, and excited, and oh my god, you guys!
Ahhhh! Moving on...
In the next chapter, Kurosaki has a dream about Teru's brother, Soichiro, which freaks him out just a little, but which I found rather funny and cute. For a bit after this, Kurosaki talks with Riko, and then Takeda, about Teru and how he wants to tell her but is worried, and who Akira is and they think he's involved with everything. And then Kurosaki makes a date with Teru, to go wherever she wants, because he has something important to tell her. She has an idea what it is, that he's Daisy and whatever secret he's keeping, and quickly agrees. Her and her friends talk about it and she decides on an amusement park.
We also see that Kurosaki had a big admiration for Soichiro, that he thought he always knew where he was going and what he was doing. He's surprised when he finds out from Teru that he actually got lost all the time, only kept going and knew how to get things to where he wanted them.
Riko worries about Teru and how she's going to take the secret, and then they are off to their date. I didn't think we'd actually get to see them on it, figured it would be pushed off to the next volume, or something would interrupt them before it happened, and so was pleasantly surprised when it made it into the second-to-last chapter.
Her and Kurosaki go on several rides, and are having a very pleasant ride, until Akira steals Teru's phone and pulls her away from Kurosaki. She ends up on the Ferris Wheel with him, where he tells her what Kurosaki had to do with her brothers death. And tricks her into sending Kurosaki/Daisy a very bad message, telling him something that crushes his spirit. Meanwhile, Mori (the bad girl teacher) talks with Kurosaki after messing with the Ferris Wheel, but Kurosaki saves the day. Mostly. Except that he won't answer his phone, and I believe he is leaving, as the Ferris wheel comes to a stop and Teru gets knocked out.
It is so terrible, okay? It's terribly upsetting, and I don't like it, and I want to find out what happens next so bad, because I must know, and why don't I have it yet?!
I'm still reeling from it all, I think, excited and exhilarated from what happened, and wanting to know what happens next. Wanting Kurosaki to go to Teru, and kiss her, and find out what she actually thinks of it all, and... and everything. I want everything to happen, and I want to read it, right now. Okay? Okay.

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