Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manga Review: Make Love & Peace by Takane Yonetani

Rating (Out of 5): ~3
Publisher: Aurora (Luv Luv)
Volumes: 1 (One-Shot, plus sequel)

Amazon Summary:

All they want is some peace... what they get is some hot and spicy love!

College student Ayame's boyfriend is the handsome police detective Koichi. After what seemed like a destined meeting, Ayame and Koichi are a couple who want nothing but a lovey-dovey relationship with plenty of hot sex to spice it up. However, having a police detective for a boyfriend naturally implies that constant troubles won't be far behind. Between battling injustices in society and indulging in sexual passions in bed, there is never a dull moment in their relationship. Though wanting some peaceful time together is unpredictable, can you really complain when you have to settle for hot and spicy sex?!

Unlike my last review of a Luv Luv manga, I actually enjoyed this one. It wasn't as amazing as I'd hoped, but it was much better than the last few I've read.
It's about Ayame, who's boyfriend is a police officer. They've gotten pretty intimate and close rather fast in their relationship, as she's already thinking about marriage only two months together. She worries about him getting hurt while working, and is bothered some by his constantly getting called in to work, but tries not to complain.
In most of the chapters, they're dealing with police-type problems, as well as relationship ones. Also, there is smut in most of them. (Skip the rest of this paragraph if you are not interested in the smut.) Some of this seemed rather repetitive, what with him always taking charge of it, and always licking her. It bothered me a little that she never took any initiative, or returned the favor of licking him. It just seemed to exemplify that she wasn't a particularly strong character, and that bothered me. And it would have been preferable to have to variety. Also, some of it seemed a little more... dirty, or explicit than the other ones I've seen. (Which isn't particularly bad, but was just weird to see.)
Most of the chapter-plots were alright. They weren't particularly bothersome. I think most of what bothered me would have to do with the characters. When Ayame tried to make a rapist look on the bright side, for example, and he acts all big only to look regretful as he leaves. (Another part of the rapist scene that bothered me, was when Ayame was going to jump out the window and the people protested, but then Koichi just appears outside it, when it's three stories high. Um, what? Oh! And when she holds out her phone and his face appears on the screen, because apparently she has a phone where she can chat like that, when they weren't before? I feel that that was just weird.) And when they're taking care of a mother, how absurd it seemed for her to just leave her baby because she's depressed, and how sure she is that she can't take care of it, only for her to change her mind when her husband gets there. But it also bothered me how much she was blaming that her husband was always gone and she was lonely and how of course she couldn't take care of her kid without him. She should have just dealt with it and tried on her own.
Oh, also, how fast Ayame and Koichi were moving. It seemed way too fast for them to be thinking love only two months in, and then to talk marriage only after six months. But maybe that's only me, since I feel that there should be years before you think about that stuff seriously? Aside from that, though, I do think they actually had something between them. Some chemistry or whatever. They seemed to get along rather well, joked around and seemed happy together. Although, a lot of what they do together is sex. Still, their chemistry together didn't bother me.
The artwork was also pretty good. Again, it wasn't amazing. But it was good, pretty consistently so throughout the whole book, and better than some of the other ones I've read recently, which is nice. Out of the three, this one was a little weak in story, or characters, and pace, I think. Not too bad, I guess.
I believe there is a sequel to this one that was published by Luv Luv as well? Or was maybe, almost published as well? I'm not too sure, but I'm thinking it might be harder to find than this one was, which will kind of suck, since I actually kind of liked this one and would like to read the next one.

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