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Manga Review: La Corda d'Oro, Volume 15, by Yuki Kure

Rating (Out of 5): ~4 - 4.5
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 17

Goodreads Synopsis:

Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences T. 
Every few years, the prestigious Seisou Academy holds a prominent musical competition, and only the very best students at the Academy are allowed to participate. Though all are eligible to apply, only students from the music department actually make it to the competition...until now.
As Len leaves Japan to study abroad, Kahoko struggles with the changes in her own life. Can she find a way to say farewell to Len before it’s too late? Can she ace the upcoming music contest without Len’s tutoring—or the help of her magic violin? And what will she do when both Ryotaro and Azuma decide it’s time to make a move?

I really did miss this series. I believe I stated this in my previous review, but it's so true. I love all of the characters, and it's so nice to get to read about them again. They're all just so great, and different, and fun, and I'm glad that I got to read two volume so close together (and, um, upset that the next one isn't out till August, but oh well).
Quite a bit of the volumes lately seem to be taken up with other things, that don't have to do with the main story. And, while I enjoy these stories, I also kind of want the story to get moving, or to get to see it moving more in a volume.
The first chapter of this volume, for example, is a small special about Keiichi's sister, who came to visit, and pretends to be him in order to see the friends he told her about and fangirl over them. This was very cute, though. She's older than Keiichi, but looks almost like his twin, and is very different. She gets very excited and loves clothes, and makes all of his friends frilly outfits to wear. Also, I love that we're getting to see all these things about Keiichi, since he's usually so aloof and blank-faced and asleep. It's nice to see him interacting with others, and doing things that people wouldn't expect.
His sister also mentions to him that Kahoko's cute, which makes it seem like he's interested. I really hope he's not, because there are enough guys wanting her.
Aside from that, the volume starts with Kahoko and Len practicing, and him walking her home. They do a little shopping along the way, and I believe that Kahoko buys a going-away present for him. They play some more. And Len comes to realize his feelings for her. Which is huge and exciting, and yes! Love it.
In the next chapter, Kahoko helps Kazuki take some pictures for the newspaper/year book, while waiting for a music room to open up. Azuma joins them when he sees Kahoko's discomfort around him. He bothers her some more, and she realizes that he doesn't hate her, which perhaps bothers her even more. When she leaves, Kazuki and Azuma talk about her, and how Kazuki likes her but is afraid to confess. Kazuki doesn't believe that there will be any distance between them when he graduates, and Azuma tells him that they'll be going to the same school after graduation (which is exciting, since that means he's going to take up music, despite what his family wants).
At the end of that chapter, and the beginning of the next, Kahoko and Len talk and tease a bit, which is super cute and sweet. I love them. I think that they're really good together, that Kahoko pushes Len just the right amount, and makes him open up, which is nice. On the other hand, though, there's Ryotaro, who is also good with her. (There are other people, of course, that are possibilities, but I think those two are the ones that work best, or at least are the most likely to happen, no matter how much I love the other characters as well.) Nami (the newspaper girl) talks with Ryotaro, mentioning that Kahoko and Len have been getting close lately. (Maybe something with happen between those two? Maybe that could work, and would make me feel less bad?)
We become aware that there's only a week left, till Len leaves (I believe?), and Len and Ryotaro talk some more. I like their relationship. It's sweet, and fun, and while they both like Kahoko, they're not mean about it or anything, even if they do insult each other. They're got an odd friendship, and I like it. The chapter ends with Len promising to come to the competition that Kahoko is participating in.
It's becoming apparent that Kahoko is going to get hurt when Len leaves, and Ryotaro has a talk with him about it. It's also obvious that Len is going to miss her (which is so sweet!). But Len tells him that he's not going to tell her, whatever it is that he's has to tell her (maybe that he's leaving sooner than she thinks?) after the competition, so as not to mess it up for her.
The volume ends with them going in to the competition, which is so very mean. I want to know what happens! There are only two volumes left, and I want to find out what happens!
There's an extra chapter at the end about La Corda d'Oro 3, which is the new video game that was coming out in Japan at the time, I guess. We got to meet the characters in it, which was interesting. They were all rather different, and did catch my interest, but my attention was mostly on the main story, because I wanted more of it. And it made it sound like we would be seeing them again? As in, there might be more extras with them in it in the next volume? Or just as in, if you go and play the game? While they were interesting to me, and I was glad they were so different (even with the same general plot, of going to the same school and being surrounded by boys), I just want more of Kahoko and her crew. I want to know what happens! (But there's such a long wait!)
Sidenote: I noticed that Shoko isn't in with the characters descriptions. Because there isn't enough space, maybe? This bothers me. But there should be several other characters in there, like maybe the teachers and Nami. With the people that are mentioned, it makes it seem like the only important people are Kahoko and the boy falling for her. Which might be the case, but shouldn't be.

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