Friday, July 6, 2012

Manga Review: A Devil and Her Love Song, Volume 2, by Miyoshi Tomori

Rating (Out of 5): ~3 (Maybe 3.5)
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 13

Goodreads Synopsis:

Meet Maria Kawai—she’s gorgeous and whip-smart, a girl who seems to have it all. But when she unleashes her sharp tongue, it’s no wonder some consider her to be the very devil! Maria’s difficult ways even get her kicked out of an elite school, but this particular fall may actually turn out to be her saving grace...
Maria’s bold attitude may be exactly what she needs when she inspires an unlikely ally to come to her defense. And when she’s given the task to lead her class in a choral competition, she’s going to need all the gumption she can muster!


I am enjoying this series, for the most part. I think it’s still growing on me, though, as I haven’t fully warmed up to it yet.
In this volume, Maria makes a kind of friend in Tomoyo, who she was having problems with in the last volume. She’s still having problems with her classmates, in a major way. And both of the boys are making a move on her, trying to worm their way closer to her, on pretty even grounds with each other, as well. More attention was put on Yusuke in this volume than Shin, though.
I hate (or, really dislike, I’m not really sure which) her classmates, and how they’re treating her, giving her almost no chance to really explain herself or understand where she’s coming from. They do have reason to dislike her, seeing as how blunt and rude she is about everything, but they still give her no wiggle room, and are so shallow. It’s a bit annoying. And the volume ended with showing a girl coming out of the hospital and going back to school, which I’m sure means nothing good.
Maria was put on the spot several times in this volume, but took it pretty well. She’s put in charge of some choir-thing, and even though all of her classmates call it stupid and don’t want to participate, she still tries, and is still going through with it.
I actually kind of like Maria. Again, I’m not having very strong feelings for anything in this series yet, but I do like her. She’s not whiny, she’s blunt and honest, and I like how different she is from most heroines. And even though she puts out a tougher exterior, she loves frills. Also, she’s growing (or, is supposed to be), which is nice. Shin pushes her a bit, and she is kind of seeing her flaws, which is good.
Normally I would like Yusuke more, but I’m actually favoring Shin. I’m not sure why, if it’s something to do with Yusuke’s personality or not, but I like Shin more. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them both, though, and seeing where things go from here.
The art is not my favorite (still?). I’m not sure what my favorite thing about this is, or what I like much at all. It’s just… different from what I’m used to, maybe? I like how it’s written, that’s one thing. Her inner thoughts are deeper, and more thoughtful, maybe, than most are. The humor isn’t amazing, the art isn’t, the characters don’t really have strong impressions in my mind.
I don’t know. It’s all still growing on me, I guess. But I think I’m starting to enjoy it more, and I kind of want to know what happens next, but more with the characters than with the dramatic school-room plot, and I have the next one, so I should be reading it soon. We’ll see.

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