Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: Taken by Storm (Raised by Wolves, #3) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Rating (Out of 5): ~4 - 4.5
Publisher: Random House (EgmontUSA)
Spoilers?: No, but things hinted at.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Bryn knows first-hand that being the alpha of a werewolf pack means making hard decisions, and that being human makes things a thousand times worse. She's prepared to give up her humanity, but the wolf who promised to Change her is waiting - though for what, Bryn doesn't know. Still human, she must take her place in the werewolf Senate, the precarious democracy that rules the North American packs. Standing side by side with werewolves who were ancient long before she was ever born is enough of a challenge, but Bryn soon learns that the Senate has been called to deal with a problem: the kind of problem that involves human bodies, a Rabid werewolf, and memories that Bryn, Chase, and the rest of their pack would rather forget. With bodies stacking up and political pressure closing in from all sides, Bryn and her pack are going to have to turn to old enemies and even older friends for help - especially when it starts to look like this time, the monster might be one of their own.


Is this the last one in this series? I thought that this was a trilogy, but now I’m wishing that there’s more, and am unsure if there is going to be more or not. I could deal with that ending, I guess, but, you know, I want more.
A lot happened in this book that I wasn’t expecting. Some in a good way, and some in a way that truly upsets me. Like with what happened with Chase. I’m not going to ruin that, but I am very not happy about it. I didn’t want to accept it when it happened, and I didn’t really let myself think that it was going to happen before it did, and I still don’t want to accept it. That just… that’s not okay. Not at all.
Anyway. In this book, Bryn has to deal with the other Alphas for a bit, and she finds out that there’s a rabid out there, doing stuff, and they need to be taken care of, and there’s also some stuff with Lake that I enjoyed, and with Jed and Caroline, some of which I liked. There’s just… a lot. A lot happened in this book. I don’t want to spoil too much, but there’s another supernatural element thrown in that I wasn’t expecting, and then some alpha stuff happens that I wasn’t expecting, and some of which I’m happy about. But I’m a little upset over Devon (and Chase), and I want to know what’s going to happen with the other alphas. I kind of like what happened with Devon, though, and I knew it was going to happen eventually. And I do like what was going on with Bryn and Callum at the very end. That needed to happen, and I was looking forward to it.
This was just really good. I liked it, and I want more.
Now, the few things that bothered me, and that I know could bother other people. Barnes tends to write long sentences, with lots of punctuation. That’s not really a bad thing, as I know that I do it a lot, but I try to shorten it and add variety, which I think she could try doing a bit more of. And she emphasis that Bryn and most of her pack are Resilient way too much. It’s almost shoved in your face with how many times she says it, and how insistent she is to make the point that they can survive and all that. That’s obviously something I can overlook, neither of these things bothered me too much, but she could still tone them down a little.
I read this a couple of weeks ago, but I think I’m still reeling. Mostly from what happened with Chase and Devon, because I’m not very happy about it, and I want more. I want her to continue this series, very badly, and I don’t know if this is the last one or not. I hope not.
(Sidenote: The covers. I liked the first one, but didn't enjoy the second one, and like this one even less. I'm not sure why, but I think the colors are a little off, and maybe I don't like the model and how she's posed. Maybe it looks a little fake to me, or something. What do you guys think?)

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