Saturday, October 27, 2012

Manga Review: A Devil and Her Love Song, Volume 4, by Miyoshi Tomori

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 13

Goodreads Synopsis:

Maria encourages antagonistic Ayu to be true to her feelings, but that simple action snowballs into a huge rift within their class! As secret crushes and hidden motives are revealed, the backlash of honesty just might destroy Maria’s efforts in uniting everyone for the choral competition!


This volume is all about the singing competition, and Hana Ibuki.
We’re supposed to have forgiven Hana Ibuki, but I don’t really feel much sympathy for her. In the end she was okay, I guess, but I kind of still think she’s a bit of a bitch. Maybe I’ll see her better in the next book; we’ll see.
I do like Ayu Nakamura (the original bully) more, though. She actually listens to Maria and confesses to Yusuke, and openly talks about how selfish she is, and what she does and doesn’t like. It was very good to see her being so honest, and I liked her conversation with Yusuke. Maybe something will spark up between those two.
And then something kind of major happened between Maria and Shin. He kissed her and made her mind go a bit crazy, which was adorable and a bit hilarious. I liked seeing her so freaked out, not expecting it, and not knowing what to think. And to see him put himself out there for her. I’m looking forward to some more development in their relationship in the next book.
Also, wasn’t expecting to see that so soon; was definitely a nice surprise.
We also got to see more of Maria’s past: what happened at her old school with her friend. She had a big falling out, and I’m intrigued to see what comes of it. To see her old friend show up, which I’m sure she will at some point, and have them talk or fight or something along those lines.
The main event in this book was the singing competition, which was surrounded by a lot of drama. Their class is being recorded, and Hana wanted to set something up so that she would seem like a hero, and that got all messed up. And their teacher was a huge jerk by trying to force Maria into making their school seem really great, and he’s just a huge despicable bully. I don’t understand how he’s still their teacher, how he hasn’t gotten fired yet, with how he’s bullied her and called the other students losers. He even started to hit Maria and it was caught on tape, which I hope gets released in the next book. I just want him to go away already, for some justice to be done about that whole situation.
The book ended with the performance, where Maria sang all on her own, and she made up with her classmates. Although I kind of still don’t forgive them for not singing with her, even if it might have been a hugely cliché scene.
The bullies in this book are done in such an overpowering, you-can’t-beat-me, godmoding way that it’s a bit annoying, and frustrating. I can overlook that, though, because it’s such a good series, and the characters are so good, and it’s overall very charming. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book.

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