Saturday, October 13, 2012

Manga Review: Marmalade Boy, Volume 6, by Wataru Yoshizumi

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Publisher: Tokyopop
Volumes: 8

Goodreads Synopsis:

And you thought your family was strange? Miki's world gets turned upside down when her parents swap spouses with another couple and all decide to live together under one roof. It only gets weirder when Miki falls in love with her new stepbrother Like a dysfunctional version of the Brady Bunch, Marmalade Boy will hook readers with its odd premise and wacky relationships.


There are only two volumes left! That’s insane! How did this happen!?
A small part of me wants to slow down, take my time, because I don’t want this series to end, but a bigger part of me wants to hurry through them because I want to find out what happens, ohmygod. That bigger part if, of course, winning, and so I am going to be starting the next volume as soon as this review is done being written.
A lot of this volume focuses on the drama between Miki and Yuu. Miki starts getting kind of closer to the guy she fell on, who turns out to be – surprise! – her co-worker, and his name is Kei Tsuchiya. Her friends stop by the ice cream shop and Yuu is sure that the guy likes her. And then, when she falls and Kei holds her up, Suzu sees it. And when Kei finds out that Miki has a boyfriend, he lies and keeps her bracelet, and then lies to Yuu about it. And then Suzu makes Yuu and Meiko go to a museum together, and gets a picture of that! And so the two get it in their heads that the other is falling for someone else, and they have a big fight about it. Yuu goes on vacation by himself, but then it turns out that it was a different one than they had planned, and they makeup over the phone but they are unable to go on that one before the break is over, so they plan to do it on the next one.
Miki also finds some stuff out about Kei and helps him straighten out his life, but I didn’t really care. I mean, yea that’s nice and everything, but Kei is not a main character, and he’s not a character that I have very strong feelings about, either, and it didn’t even take all that much space of the book.
During this, Ginta is getting jealous of some guy that he thought was with Arimi, only to find out that her fanboys already have girlfriends and she looks at them as more like brothers. And there are some really cute, sweet moments between the two as they start going out.
Also, Meiko gets an award for the book that she wrote, that Miwa encouraged her to write. This is really awesome of her, and she’s still one of my favorite characters in this series. Not a lot of time focuses on her, but we know that she’s maybe starting to like Miwa, but she’s still upset over Nachan. The volume ends when Meiko decides she needs to go visit Nachan, have a talk with him, I’m sure to get some closure now that she’s had time to think about what happened, and Miki tells her that she’ll go with her.
So, some of the focus will be on Meiko in the next volume. Lookin’ forward to that. And whatever else is going to happen. I hope there are some more cute scenes with Miki and Yuu, and even with Ginta and Arimi, although their storyline is probably pretty much over.

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