Saturday, November 3, 2012

Manga Review: A Devil and Her Love Song, Volume 5, by Miyoshi Tomori

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 13
Spoilers?: Yes (but not in huge detail).

Goodreads Synopsis:

Maria finds herself liking her classmate Shin, but she can’t seem to tell him how she feels! Meanwhile, her old friend Anna comes back into her life with unexpected news. Is Anna really interested in rekindling their friendship or does she have an ulterior motive?


I think my excitement for this series has dwindled a bit, which I really don’t want to happen. I really like this series, and I want to continue really liking it. And everything that happens in each volume is still really good. I want it to keep being this good and getting even better.
The singing competition is over, and now everyone is worried about the upcoming tests. Maria gets good grades, so she ends up tutoring Yusuke and Tomoyo, while Shin practices piano. And Shin meets Anna Mouri, the girl that was Maria’s best friend at St. Katria. When Maria and her meet again, instead of there being a fight, Anna immediately attaches to Maria and they get back into the routine they used to be in.
Only, Anna is interested in Shin. And Anna is being rather two faced to Maria, which Maria realizes when she talks with Anna. The volume ends with Maria seeing the real Anna for the first time, and there is sure to be some rivalry and tension between them in the next volume.
I’m interested to see what happens next, how Maria reacts to Anna. She’s hurt over what happened with Anna, at finding out that she was ignoring how she really felt, and now that she sees who Anna really is, I’m curious to find out how they act around each other.
Near the beginning of the book, there was one really sweet scene in this volume where Maria accepts her feelings for Shin and has a bit of a freak out over not knowing how to handle it or show it to him. I love how she freaks out over her feelings, how she doesn’t know what to do with them or how to express them. 
I like Shin and Maria together, and I’m happy that the confession stuff happened so early on. They have both pretty much confessed to the other by now, and they both know that they like the other one, so now I just have to wait to see them actually get together and talk about their feelings. I am excited to see more development between them in the next volume.
And I’m really not worried about Anna stealing Shin from Maria; Shin likes Maria, end of story. (Nothing else better happen to mess that up, or I will be very upset. Plus, it just doesn’t make much sense for Shin to change his mind about Maria, he’s not really the kind of character to believe everything someone says.)
We didn’t see a whole lot of story from Yusuke, or Ayu, or any other character, really. So I guess we just have to wait to see what happens with them in maybe the next volume. (As a kind-of Sidenote, I'm kind of curious as to why Yusuke has kind of stepped down from liking Maria. At first, he was in a somewhat competition with Shin, but he hasn't done anything recently toward Maria, aside from telling Ayu that he likes someone else. I wonder if he's going to do something soon?)
I am looking forward to the next volume, as I do quite love this series, so I guess some of my excitement is still there.

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