Saturday, November 17, 2012

Novel Review: The Royal Mess (Alaskan Royal Family, #3) by MaryJanice Davidson

              Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Rating (Out of 5): ~3-3.5
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp. (Brava Books)
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

In a world nearly identical to ours, the North won the Civil War, flannel is the new bling, and Russia never sold Alaska to the U.S. Instead, Alaska is a beautiful, rough-and-tumble country ruled by a famously eccentric royal family who put the fun back in dysfunctional. And the tabloid darlings are about to get more ink once the King's "royal oats" come back in the form of a surprise princess, landing them all in, well.
Jeffrey Rodinov is descended from one of the oldest families in Alaska, and a Rodinov has been protecting a Baranov for generations. It's a job Jeffrey takes VERY seriously. Six feet four inches, 220 fatless lbs., black hair, and blue eyes; weapon of choice: the 9 mm Beretta. In a pinch? His fists. IQ: 157. (Yes, crossword puzzle, in ink, just after taking out the guy behind you. No thanks necessary.) No one ever sees Jeffrey Rodinov coming, and no one-not even a mouthy, illegitimate princess-is going to keep him from playing bodyguard when his king decrees it.
Right. But no Rodinov ever had to protect Princess Nicole Krenski. Her credentials? Hunting guide in the Alaskan wilderness. Smart. Stubborn bordering on exasperating. Five-seven. Blue eyes. Very kissable mouth. Very kissable neck, back, legs, wrists, earlobes. The lady says she doesn't need a bodyguard, but that's where she's wrong. Someone needs to watch her and show her the royal ropes (and cuffs.and scarves.). Someone who can make her feel like a queen-in and out of bed. And that's a job Jeffrey Rodinov takes very seriously as well.
In this deliciously sexy, wickedly funny companion to The Royal Treatment and The Royal Pain, a reluctant princess and a determined royal bodyguard are about to discover that when it comes to powerful love, there are no defenses.

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So, I kind of love MaryJanice Davidson. I have, somewhat slowly, been getting through her books, and while I’m trying not to do it too fast, I just want to read them so badly, and I usually finish them to quickly. I have not read any in a while, and just got a couple more, so we’ll see how fast those go by.
While I have finished her Mermaid series, and have not been able to find the next Vampire Betsy book, I have been pretty much picking up whichever book of hers I can find. And I found this series. Normally, I hate reading anything out of order, but you don’t have to read these books in order, and I couldn’t find the first one. So I ended up reading the series backwards (not on purpose, but still).
This is the final book in the Alaskan Royal Family series, and I rather enjoyed it. This one is about Nicole, a girl who found out she was a princess after her mother died, and ends up falling for Jeffrey, a bodyguard to the royal family she is now a part of.
The writing is just like Davidson’s normal style, random and fun, fast to get through, with a heroine that doesn’t want anything to do with royalty, who’s stubborn and rough on the outside. My only biggest problem with Davidson’s style, as I’ve said before, is that a majority of her heroines are pretty much carbon copies of each other, and the male love interest almost always falls first. This is bothersome, but I can deal with it, at least for the moment.
This story was fun, like her others. I wasn’t expecting much else, and I enjoyed what I got. It’s fun, fast, a little bit steamy (honestly, I would have preferred more explicit sexy stuff, but Davidson doesn’t usually write full on sex scenes, and she didn’t here, just hinted at some kinky stuff). The romance was very nice, and I liked the couple together, as usual. There's some drama, but it's pretty lighthearted, not much suspense or anticipation, and I never had any doubt about how the book would end.
There's also some political stuff in these books, because it's set in Alaska as if we never bought it, and it has a royal family system, but I wasn't very bothered by it. Nor did I pay too much attention to it.
This story did get me interested in the other books in the series, but I hope to read all of the books by her that I can find.

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