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Manga Review: Natsume's Book of Friends, Volume 13, by Yuki Midorikawa

Rating (Out of 5): ~4-4.5
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Spoilers?: Minor.
Volumes: 15+

Goodreads Synopsis:

Takashi Natsume can see the spirits and demons that hide from the rest of humanity. He has always been set apart from other people because of his gift, drifting from relative to relative, never fitting in. Now he's a troubled high school student who has come to live in the small town where his grandmother grew up. And there he discovers that he has inherited more than just the Sight from the mysterious Reiko.Intrigues abound in the world of professional exorcism, and Natsume wants nothing to do with it. But he has no choice when Matoba, head of a prominent exorcist clan, blackmails him into coming to an exorcist meeting. Is Natsume’s fate sealed when one of his special talents is exposed in front of Matoba?

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Something Special:
That I Love:

  • Natsume. Because, c'mon. (Explained more in the review.)


This volume was so good. Overall, every volume of this series is good, but sometimes there’s a slower one, filled with one shots and nothing with his friends or family, but then sometimes there are ones like this one, where you really get to know a characters more, with some kind of development.
The first three chapters of this volume were focused on one story, and it was so good. Natsume runs into some trouble with a yokai, and gets a letter from Matoba (a scary exorcist, who I think we met briefly before, because I didn’t remember him), and decides to go visit Natori.
Previously, I hadn’t had very high thoughts of Natori, but there was some development in this volume. Now, he just seems like he wants to help Natsume if he can, not push him too much or anything. I rather like him more, actually. Also, I hadn’t noticed how attractive Natori was before, but seeing him in casual clothing really brought that to my attention.
After that meeting, Matoba approaches Natsume, and he wants his help. Matoba is somewhat high in the exorcist ring, but nobody likes him very much. Everyone has gathered at his place for some kind of meeting, which is secretly to find out who is spreading information about exorcism. Natsume pretends to be a yokai for this, and he is so freaking cute with a mask and horns. In the chapter covers, we also got to see him in a suit, and that was so cute as well. I just... he is so cute.
Anyway, after that, there are two special chapters, one each for Natsume’s friends from school, who we’ve seen a few times, but who I never really got a good feel for. Now, I hope we get to see more of them, and I want Natsume to tell them about the yokai and why he acts so weird sometimes. The two guys are just so sweet and I really liked them, but I like seeing other people interact with and care about Natsume.
If it isn’t apparent yet, I love Natsume. I’ve said this multiple times, including how cute and sweet I think he is. But he is, and I love him. I just want to love him and be his friend and hug him. He makes me smile, and I’m really looking forward to the next volume (even though I’m going to have to wait till freakinJuly).
Sidenote: Midorikawa mentions in this volume that there are four seasons of the anime now. What? I haven't even watched one episode; I hadn't realized it was so popular. I'm really thinking about starting to watch it now. 

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