Sunday, October 6, 2013

Manga Review: Sankarea: Undying Love, Volume 1, by Mitsuru Hattori

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publish Date: 2013
Volumes: 8+
Spoilers?: Yes.

Goodreads Synopsis:


Since he was little, Chihiro has felt an unusual emotional connection to zombie movies. It’s not that he feels bad for the survivors – instead he fantasizes about comforting the poor undead girls they slaughter! When his beloved pet passes away, he decides to brew up a resurrection potion in secret. But he’s discovered by popular girl and local heiress Sanka Rea, whose life isn’t as perfect as it seems… and Furuya suggests that she could serve as a test subject!


This volume was very much the same as the anime, with only some minor differences And it ends at about the point I paused watching the anime, so I’m looking forward to the next volume.
This series stars Chihiro, a high school boy who is obsessed with zombies. He loves all things zombies, wants a zombie girlfriend, and is trying to bring his dead cat back to life. He pretty much ignores all girls, fantasizing about a zombie girlfriend. He’s got some odd (read: awesome) family members, including a cousin who’s in love with him, a monotone sister, and a crazy grandfather (I love his family). And then he meets Sanka Rea, a girl who goes to the all-girls school next to his all-boys school, who is having problems with her “perfect” rich family, mainly her creeper father.
Chihiro is trying to make something to bring his cat back to life, and Sanka ends up helping him. And she ends up stealing some of the elixir, hoping that it either kills her or turns her into a zombie. She gets in trouble with her father, though, gets locked in the house and when she sneaks out and he chases after her, she fall off a ledge and gets killed. And then turns into a zombie.
Chihiro takes her home with him, hides her, and tries figuring out what to do with her. The volume ends with her dead body starting to harden.
This volume has a lot of promising things in it, and I’m looking forward to whatever’s next. I like Chihiro, I like Sanka Rea, I’m looking forward to whatever happens next with them. I don’t really care for Chihiro’s cousin, but I do like his sister and grandpa. There are several ecchi elements to the story (although not really that bad, and they’re mostly fully clothed), but it’s also a big zombie love story, and I’m intrigued by where the love story part goes.
I hope that there’s more storyline with Rea’s family, although I’m not sure how that’ll work, what with her supposed to be dead, I think? Her father is a creep, and those storylines always intrigue me. Her mom’s not very good either—so lots of bad parental drama that I really hope develops, or at least shows up more. 
I’m just intrigued and curious as to what’s going to happen next, really. It could go in any direction, the zombie lore could go anywhere—I don’t even want to guess. I do want to keep reading to find out.

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