Saturday, November 23, 2013

Manga Review: Happy Marriage?!, Volume 1, by Maki Enjoji

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5-4
Publisher: Shojo Beat (VIZ Media)
Publish Date: August, 2013
Volumes: 10
Spoilers?: Not really.
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Goodreads Synopsis:

Men - they're the root of Takanashi Chiwa's problems, which is why she never had the time nor the opportunity to have a boyfriend in her entire life. A full-time office lady and a part-time hostess, she works night and day to pay off her dad's debt from his failed business. One night at her part-time job, a high-class customer has her fired. Then the next day, she's called in to see the president - whom she had never even seen before in the office - only to find out she's to marry him! But what kind of guy is Mamiya Hokuto anyway? Will he become one of Chiwa's problems, or will he save her from them? And will this marriage even last?!
Something Specific:
  • "'We’re all beginners at one point!’”


I was really excited for this to come out. I’ve read a couple other Enjoji titles and really enjoyed them, although I don’t think I got to this one. I really enjoy Enjoji’s characters and art and humor. This has been compared to Butterflies, Flowers, one of Shojo Beat’s earlier josei titles, and I can see the similarities particularly because they’re both work romances (as is their other josei title currently being released, Midnight Secretary). But the biggest difference, to me, is the humor, along with probably the characters. Because I like Enjoji’s humor a lot more than Butterflies, Flowers', as well as the characters.
So, this series stars Chiwa, a woman working in a big company office, trying to help pay off her father’s debt. The company president, Hokuto, then ends up pushing her into marrying him, because his grandfather wants them to. He convinces her because the debt will get paid off, and he can fully inherit the company.
Chiwa is reluctant, because she believes that marriage should only happen between two people who love each other. Hokuto doesn’t particularly care about love, but has already decided that he wouldn’t cheat or fool around with other women, whether there be love or not. He only cares about getting the company.
The two don’t get along particularly well, but they marry and start living together. There are several mishaps already, of course, but they’re obviously growing closer. Chiwa is still hesitant, and hugely embarrassed with anything physical, and very inexperienced. Hokuto is rather brusk and straightforward, not embarrassed, enjoys teasing Chiwa. They’re getting used to each other, including living together. 
This was a pretty good start to the series, I think. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing their relationship grow and develop, as well as themselves as characters.

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