Sunday, January 4, 2015

Manga Review: NG Life by Mizuho Kusanagi

Rating (Out of 5): ~4.5
Publisher: Tokyopop
Release Date: March 2009 - April 2011
Volumes: 9
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

From the creator of Mugen Spiral comes a manga comedy filled with loads of gender-bending frolic and fun! Keidai Saeki is a high school student who remembers his past life in Pompeii, living as the Italian warrior Sirix... His friends around him are all also reincarnated--although they don't quite remember things the way he does. And Keidai's wife from the past? She's now a middle school boy--while his best male friend is now a cute girl?! Throw in a case of love at first site, and you have a new look at romance--manga-style!


This series started as more of a comedy, based on a guy who remembers his past life. It starts kind of weak, not fully grabbing me, with very over-exaggerated comedy. By the middle it got better, and funnier. And by the last few volumes, it got serious, and then it got really good.
I will say that I was kind of hoping the series would go in a different direction at the beginning. In Keidai’s past life, he was in love with Serena, who is now Yuuma, a boy. But then there’s his best friend Loleus, who is now Serizawa, a girl. I was really hoping that it would throw gender to the wind and have Keidai still fall for Yuuma. But it was pretty obvious from the beginning that he was going to develop real feelings for Serizawa instead. And I am truly happy with how the series ended, but still. It could have been a very different story.
In the last couple volumes, Keidai became very serious about Serizawa. It was a totally new side to him, and I honestly loved it. The ending for them was really good, and it just makes me happy.
There was also a romance between friends of theirs, and that one also made me really happy. It was surprisingly sweet, and just as good as the main one, even if it was given less time.
I really enjoyed this series. The characters were all great. Having the past lives was a very interesting element, and I enjoyed how that was explored. The humor calmed down a bit throughout the series, and that made it flow better for me. The artwork was also very pretty. And by the end I was just loving it, honestly. It was definitely worth picking up.

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