Sunday, September 13, 2015

Manga Review: Love Machine: Etowa by Amayo Tsuge

Rating (Out of 5): ~2.5
Publisher: Deux Press/Aurora Publishing
Release Date: 2009
Volumes: 1
Spoilers?: No.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Anti-social people hater, Kokuyou is always going in and out of the hospital. Unable to stand it any longer, his friend Seiki gives him a 'replica', a boy android named Shiro who can monitor his health and do chores. Will Shiro's puppy-like devotion and dogged perseverance be able to win Kokuyou over in the end?


The artwork was fine here, a little average but pretty.
It’s about a guy who’s given a robot, made to be devoted to do everything he needs and wants. But the robot needs love and care, and the guy doesn’t want to take the time for it. Until he falls for the robot, begrudgingly.
I didn’t really care for the plot line, honestly. Maybe it was overdone, a little too complicated or made to be sad at some points. The characters were all right, though I didn’t grow too attached to any of them. There’s a side story for two of the side characters, and it was all right.
I just wasn’t blown away by the plot or the characters here.


  1. hi, i just wondering where did you read this series. are you buy a copy or read it online? if online, yould you mind share the link? i was so derperate to searching this series online and i can't find it :'<

  2. if my comment is innapropriate, please tell me so ai can delet it. :'3
    i'm sorry for my bad grammar too. (_ _) *bows*

    1. Oh, no problem! I either bought mine used or from Rightstuf, I can’t remember which right now. I have the physical, though.
      I don’t know where you could find it now, though, since it’s very out of print. Sorry!