Sunday, March 6, 2016

Novel Review: Finding Their Balance (Neighborly Affection, #5) by M.Q.Barber

Rating (Out of 5): ~4.5
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Erotica, BDSM, M/M/F
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Spoilers?: Light.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Three’s the naughtiest kind of crowd.

Getting to the one-year mark is hard enough in a relationship between two lovers. For three, just getting through the day can be half the battle. Between Alice’s headstrong insistence on pushing her sexual limits and Jay’s need to confront an abusive former lover, Henry has his hands full keeping both his partners safe and happy. But despite all the challenges—and unexpected dangers that lurk in their hedonistic world—the three have formed a union that brings each of them to the edge of something new—something they may not be able to hold onto...

The Cover:

I actually really like this cover. I think that the positioning of the three looks pretty and more natural than normal, and that their poses work for the character they're supposed to be. I like the coloring and the fonts. I think it's pretty.


Another fantastic book in this series. I have eaten up each book so far, and still re-read them. This one will be added to the list.
We continue where the third book left off, and the group confronts quite a few issues.
The main one is Cal, thankfully. The threat of him has hurt Jay to a large extent, and invaded their relationship in the previous book. He’s a major hazard, and now that the three are going to the club again, he’s starting to be dealt with for real. I definitely like the way that that plot line gets handled in this book.
Now that the three of them are going to the club again, we see a new side of Jay. We meet a few new subs and Doms, and it’s nice to see them making new friends, to see Jay opening up and growing. He’s needed this for a while. It’s also clear that Henry likes teaching, and the scenes where he’s teaching at the club are fun and helpful to a lot of people.
Jay’s family causes a big distraction in the middle, and that’s hard. I’m still waiting for him to stand up to his sister, but we haven’t officially met her yet. I’m hoping we’ll get more of that soon, especially since Alice is made aware what his relationship really is with his family. How he hides from them, and how it hurts both Alice and Henry. I just feel sad and frustrated with Jay’s family here, and am waiting for something big to happen there. Alice’s sister, on the other hand, should be showing up in the next book, and I’m excited for that. Alice also makes friends, mostly, with Emma, which is nice and should lead to good things.
I loved this book. I honestly can’t get enough of Barber’s writing and characters, especially these three. I want to see more of Leah and her Master, and I really want to see Santa Will get his happy ending. And I just want more of the threesome. They make me happy.

A review copy was provided by the publisher, Kensington, through Netgalley. Thank you!

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