Sunday, October 16, 2011

Manga Review: Kamisama Kiss Volume 5 by Julietta Suzuki

Publisher: Viz Media
Goodreads Synopsis:

After returning from a seaside vacation, Nanami is shocked to discover that the townsfolk consider her shrine abandoned. She decides to hold a summer festival for the local humans and yokai to revitalize the shrine's reputation. But Tomoe is strangely reluctant. Can Nanami pull off the festival with a little help from her yokai friends, or will Tomoe's naysaying spell disaster?


This one wasn't as good as the previous volumes. Or maybe my excitement is just going down for the series.
There doesn't seem to be a lot of plot line going on, just small story lines and not a lot of main plot development. Which might be why I'm not too excited for it anymore. Maybe, though, the stories just aren't as good as they could be, or it's losing my sense f humor.
The first chapter is about Tomoe and Mizuki, and how they don't get along and Tomoe isn't okay with Nanami having two shinshi's. Their fighting, and then being stuck together hand in hand, was very entertaining. I think Tomoe is one of the main reasons that I like this series as much as I do. He's just so mean and unconcerned in an adorable way.
The rest of the book is about the shrine hosting a summer festival and Nanami trying to do it mostly on her own, since Tomoe is against it. In the midst of it, she meets a new character that we see once, I think, but will probably be seeing again. He seemed interesting. There was also a story where Nanami goes into this dream-like state and Tomoe is acting how she would like him to, only it's very weird and she knows it's not right. And then the end of it, she does this big performance, which she's been practicing for, and it goes well and all that.
It's mostly not all that memorable or exciting, which I am disappointed in. I will continue reading, and I hope that it gets better.

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