Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Manga Review: Ouran High School Host Club Volume 16 by Bisco Hatori

Publisher: Viz Media
Goodreads Synopsis:

The two senior members of the Host Club are graduating and will lead separate lives at university. Everyone is mourning the loss of the Hunny-Mori Combo, but the longtime duo already seems to have ended their close friendship. Now Mori has challenged Hunny to a duel - but why?


I'm going to talk about what actually happened in this volume first, because otherwise all I will do is talk about how much I love this series. And I already did a lot of that in my other review.
So, the first chapter was the continuation of Mori and Hunny's battle and impending graduation. Their battle was good and gave the feeling that perhaps there was something deeper going on with them, some doom coming. The fight was good, and it was definitely nice, though odd, seeing those two fighting each other so intently and not holding anything back. I was unsure who was going to win, and how the winner did it was funny, while it almost seemed like cheating. The reason for their fight made total sense, and the host club's reactions were very entertaining. As were their reactions to their graduation, and the fact that they would still be coming by the school as often as they could. I'm glad that Hatori did it like this, because of course she couldn't take them out of the story, but still. She put it off so long only for the result to not be that bad. We also see Hunny and Mori's fathers, who are very fun. They're really close friends, as they should be, and it was just nice to see.
Also, at the end of that chapter, Tamaki and Haruhi have an accidental kiss. This moves in to the next chapter. I loved this. It was adorable, and I loved their reactions and everything about it. I'm so excited to see more of this, as more of this should be coming within the next few volumes.
Within the next few chapters, Kyoya and Kaoru talk about Kosaka, Tamaki's father's lawyer, and what she might be doing behind his back, what she might have to do with Haruhi's father or mother, which we see some of. And then they start the next year of school: third year for Kyoya and Tamaki, second year for Haruhi, Kaoru and Hikaru, and first year for Chika (Hunny's little brother) and Satoshi (Mori's little brother). And in this new year, Tamaki has moved into Mansion #1 with his Grandmother, which sounds good but is actually quite terrible, and has to postpone and then quit the host club. This is upsetting for everyone, and makes the dislike for his Grandmother even higher. Haruhi and everyone (excluding Tamaki and Kyoya) even go to speak with the Grandmother, only to talk to his father instead. Before and after this, there are some words exchanged that aren't very good, mostly coming from Tamaki. And then the volume ends with Haruhi curled up under a blanket alone at home during a storm. Oh, also during some of this, Haruhi's father, Ranka, is talking to Kosaka as she tries to convince him that she should be an exchange student.
There are also two side stories in this volume. The first one is about Haruhi's parents and when they first met and started dating. It's a cute little story. The second is about the twins' grandmother, and how they dislike her but are very much like her. This is a funny story, especially with how she torments the twins when they are younger.
Ahh, I want the next one! I want to know what happens next! I love this series so much, and I don't believe anything real bad is going to happen, because that just wouldn't work with this series, but still. That doesn't mean that there isn't some suffering to happen before the end. Which is always upsetting, especially because of how much I love these characters. And there are only two more volumes! Ahhhhhhh!
Um, sidenote. The author keeps mentioning her previous series, Millennium Snow. She's done it in the last two volumes. Has she been planning to continue it? Because I've looked online and I haven't seen anything about her continuing it, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't. Does anyone know if she has? Because I know that there are only two volumes of Ouran left, so there's the possibility that Viz would continue with her next series, right?

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