Sunday, October 2, 2011

Manga Review: My Girlfriend's A Geek Volume 4 by Rize Shinba and Pentabu

 Publisher: Yen Press

Goodreads Synopsis:

Taiga is a college student who's always scraping by. All he wants is a part-time job and a cute girlfriend. So when he spies a 'help wanted' sign outside an office and a hot girl inside, he takes the job, no questions asked. And everything goes well, prompting him to steel his courage and ask Yuiko, a full-time employee at the office, out on date. And when she asks him if it's okay that she's a 'fujoshi', or rabid female fan of boys' love, he tells her it's fine out of sheer excitement. But poor Taiga has no idea of how much trouble he's just got himself into!

This is a very adorable series. I think Yuiko and Taiga's relationship is very cute, and their banter is very entertaining. I just generally like reading stuff when there's an otaku like character, and that's the main reason I started reading it in the beginning.
In the first chapter, Yuiko gets sick and pesters Taiga to read her some dojinshi, which he doesn't do. In the three chapters following that, Taiga is continuing to tutor a middle school boy, which he's hiding from Yuiko because of her uke-seme yaoi fetish, and so Yuiko starts thinking that he's cheating on her. I understand why she thinks that, and the fall out of it I enjoyed reading. They didn't have some dramatic fight, they talked it out and he explained things, and then the fight was over. It was nice seeing Yuiko worried about something like that, mainly because she's usually pushing him to do things for her.
The last chapter was about a fujoshi friend of Yuiko's who is having problems with her boyfriend after he finds a yaoi book of hers. It bothers me that he was totally disgusted by it, but I guess some people are actually like that? The two of them talking about it was entertaining, and the end of the chapter has me curious as to whether there's going to be more of them in chapters to come. It sounds like there's still a problem there, so I hope there is.
So, I still like this series. I like Taiga and Yuiko, and I really enjoyed their little fight in this one. I'm continuing the series and I hope it gets even better. And hopefully I'll finish the book that the manga is based off of soon.

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