Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manga Review: Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Volume 10, by Karuho Shiina

Publisher: VIZ Media

Goodreads Synopsis:
A misunderstanding causes Sawako and Kazehaya to distance themselves from each other. Unable to stand the tension, Sawako decides she needs to reveal her true feelings to him. Will this awkward girl and well-liked guy become a couple?!

Ahhhh, I love this series. I have been waiting to read this volume for over a month now, and I have the next volume waiting for me, and I want to read it. So bad. This volume was adorable. It was just full of adorable. There was nothing not adorable about this book (except maybe the end of it, but we'll talk about that later). And I loved it.
So the last volume left off with Sawako going to talk to Kazehaya to tell him her feelings. This one starts with her finding him in the classroom. Where she talks to him, and he's stunned and then pulls her in to the room and holds her. There are little scenes of their friends talking in between this, and trying not to let anyone interrupt them, and several of the panels show the classroom, and scenic things to set the mood. It's very sweet. And then Joe, Kazehaya's stupid friend, comes into the room to talk to him about food and completely ruins it. (Why would he do this to them? Or, you know, me?) And then Kazehaya is bummed because that was important stuff, and Sawako is embarrassed, and the chapter ends with her talking to her friends. Pin, their teacher, also interrupts things a couple of times, trying to be smart and give advice while also doing something that will help him.
In the second chapter, Sawako and her friends and everyone else is getting ready for some school festival. They stay up all night to do it, and they perform the stuff. I didn't even remember this from the previous volume, although I caught on, because all I was worried about, and cared about, was Sawako and Kazehaya talking things out. That was much more important. Anyway, they perform it, and Kazehaya has a talk with Sawako, and ends up confessing that they feel the same way in front of everyone. She cries some more and they smile at each other, and it's very cute and sweet.
Next, everyone goes to their class party for winning, or not winning, things at the festival. Kazehaya and Sawako walk there together, and are embarrassed around each other, and when they meet up with everyone, people overwhelm them with questions about what is going on. Well, first of all, they're trying to act out the confession that they all saw, which embarrasses the two, and then they ask what is going on. To which Kazehaya responds to one of the questions, “Because I'm so in love with her,” and makes me love him even more (as if that were possible, right?) And their friends talk some things out with them, and Pin causes some problems. He makes Kazehaya accidentally propose to her and she responds with, “Let me think about it,” before he does what Pin originally told him to do, and asks her to officially be his girlfriend, and then Sawako tells him that she can't look at him without ulterior motives. There's also little snippets of Sawako's parents thrown in, mostly of her father being upset at her growing up and hanging out with other people. It's cute, and I hope that we get to see some actual time with them, and that we get to see Kazehaya being introduced to them. But I thought that this chapter was especially hilarious and adorable.
The last chapter has some more cute moments of Kazehaya and Sawako. They're still getting used to being together, and everyone else is still in disbelief at them being together. This is troublesome, and I'm wondering if someone is actually going to cause problems for them. They haven't yet, but a lot of them are focused on her using black magic to get Kazehaya, and they just need to get over that already. And at the beginning, and during certain parts of the book, Sawako's insecurities were bothering me and how embarrassed she got so easily, which I originally thought was endearing, and it grew on me again. Anyway, the book ends with Sawako going to talk to Kurumi. Kurumi is alright, and I'm wondering what she's going to do. Sawako sees her defending her (Sawako) to some of the other girls. This is a little unexpected, and since I'm expecting them to talk in the next book (or chapter), I'm curious as to what is going to go down.
I really want Kazehaya and Sawako to get closer. I want them to hold hands and kiss and all of those things and am really excited to see them happen. I'm hoping they happen soon. As well as seeing more of her parents. And I want the romantic things to move along with her friends. With Chizo and Ryu, and Ayane and whoever. I'm thinking maybe it'll be her and Kento, but it could also be Kento and Kurumi. I just want things to move along, and to see what happens next. And my review of volume 11 will be up soon, probably the next day or two, since I am going to be reading it tonight.

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