Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: Freefall by Mindi Scott

Rating (Out of 5 Stars): ~3.5
Publisher: Simon Pulse (Simon & Schuster)
Goodreads Synopsis:

How do you come back from the point of no return?

Seth McCoy was the last person to see his best friend, Isaac, alive, and the first to find him dead. It was just another night, just another party, just another time when Isaac drank too much and passed out on the lawn. Only this time, Isaac didn't wake up.
Convinced that his own actions led to his friend's death, Seth is torn between turning his life around . . . or losing himself completely.
Then he meets Rosetta: so beautiful and so different from everything and everyone he's ever known. But Rosetta has secrets of her own, and Seth soon realizes he isn't the only one who needs saving . . .


I really liked this book. I'm not sure if I'm surprised by how much I did, but I was a little surprised with Seth. He was different than what I expected, and I liked him more for it.
Seth's best friend Isaac has just died, and he's still upset over it, and having a hard time with his family and friends and band and a girl. And while he hides from things more than confronts them, and goes to alcohol when he shouldn't, I still liked him. Most of his flaws I fully understood, and I saw why he did the things he did. He's a bit more adorable than I thought he would be, and he's very much his own person. And I loved reading him talk about Rosetta. That was especially cute.
I really liked Rosetta, and Seth's relationship with her is very nice. They're very similar, and are dealing with almost the same thing, and so they lean on each other and work together, instead of her or him leaning on the other, even if sometimes it didn't really seem like it. And I liked her on her own. She has her faults, and she does something stupid, but still. We don't get to see her unless she's with Seth, because the book's written in his point of view, but I would have liked reading from hers. I liked her that much, and at several points in the book, I would have liked knowing what was going through her mind, and what she thought was going through Seth's.
He's also in a band with his brother and their friends. His friends seem okay, and Daniel is interesting, but I wasn't too big a fan of them. He later joins a different one, (cause some stuff happens,) and I liked them much more. They were just more my type of people, though. And I liked Seth's mother. She was very sweet and fun, even if we don't see a lot of her. I also would have been interested in seeing some of Isaac. Memories, or something. They talk about him quite a bit, and Seth thinks about him, but when the book starts, he's already dead. And with how everyone talked about him, I wouldn't have minded reading scenes with him still around.
As I already said, the books written from Seth's point of view, and it's written each chapter a new day, with time stamps between scenes. I liked how it was done, as it gave a break between some things, and a new start for Seth's thoughts. It in a diary like sequence, only Seth wasn't written with diary like thoughts. It was really well done, though, and I liked it.
Most of the book was focused on Seth. And he moves past some things, and finally talks to some people by the end of the book. But I kind of feel like a lot didn't happen. And yet it kind of did, at the same time? Whatever. And the rating isn't higher because I don't feel that it deserves a higher one. It was really good and I really want to read Scott's next one, but I wouldn't call it amazing. But again, whatever. The book was really good, and I liked it, and you should go read it.

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