Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Manga Review: Papillon, Volume 3, by Miwa Ueda

Rating (Out of 5): 3
Publisher: Del Rey
Volumes: 8

Goodreads Synopsis:


Shy tomboy Ageha has decided to make all her dreams come true. Thanks to her inspiring (and very attractive!) guidance counselor, Ky├╗-chan, Ageha is taking total control of her life. But she has one major obstacle to overcome: Hana, her twin sister, who’s jealous of Ageha’s amazing transformation. And Hana will stop at nothing to ruin her sister’s life!


This volume focused more on Ageha and Hayato's relationship. Within the first chapter, Hayato mistakes Hana for Ageha, and so Hana takes advantage and acts like a complete whiny brat to him. He decides to break things off with Ageha, which she is very upset about since she doesn't know what she did wrong. Also, another counselor (someone who also works at the school or something. We only see him for this one scene, and are never really introduced,) talks to her and gets it in her head that a counselor/patient relationship is bad. That if the counselor starts a close relationship with their patient, then they're failing with the therapy because therapy is what needs to help the patient, not the relationship. Ageha gets all upset about it, thinking that Hayato doesn't actually like her and was just being nice when he accepted. (While talking to the counselor, before he goes off on counselor/patient relationships being bad, Ageha states "But, but... can't they be in a relationship if there's chemistry between them?" This is one of the stupidest things I've read in a while. I mean, really? It's like a teacher/student relationship. They're usually prohibited, it doesn't matter how they think they feel about each other. How does she not already understand that?) And then she gets sick, which is when the whole mess with her sister starts. After a couple of chapter where everything just gets worse, they realize their mistake and make up. Ageha also meets Hayato's supervisor, who gives some good advice that makes her rethink some things. Also, Hana confesses to Hayato that she doesn't like seeing Ageha happy, which is why she did all this. (I guess Ueda had her openly confess this to him because he's going to be the one to help Ageha grow up, or something?)
Most of this could have been resolved had the two talked things over. But they didn't, and Ageha just kept running away and not trying to find out why he had suddenly changed his mind. And Hayato didn't try to find out why she was suddenly acting like a different person. Hayato's reason isn't as understandable as Ageha's is, with all of her low self-esteem.
Anyway, after they have made up, Ageha starts bothering him with text messages. And she believes something Hana has told her and overreacts, which Hayato resolves with a sentence. I hope that she doesn't continue to fall for things as she has been. Hayato calls her honest, which is kind of true, but she's also stupid. She makes up with him by giving him a gift and talking to him, which is a little cute (and stupid).
Things with Ryusei are also being brought up. He's having problems with Hana, with her being self-centered and constantly bothering him. He's been talking with Ageha and moping about Hana, and it's obvious that some things are going to happen between him and Ageha. Hana does this sob story thing to him, claiming that Ageha has stolen her boyfriend before, which is totally fake. (It is, right? I don't believe it, at least. But maybe something will be revealed later?) And then the last chapter is about Ageha and Hayato kissing. She sees him kiss someone else, even if it was the girl that forced it and it took him by surprise. He doesn't think it's as big of a deal as she does, and says that it might happen again, since he's a flirt and a counselor, which upsets her. So she runs off to Ryusei (it is her, right?) with her hair in pigtails and her old glasses, and she's still upset and is leaning in to kiss him as the volume ends.
This series is full of ridiculousness. It's all over-exaggerated and stupid, and I still don't like Ageha very much. I really don't like Hana. She doesn't even have much reason for what she's doing, unless that's explored more later. It would be nice if her part of the series ended soon and something else comes up, just so it doesn't drag on too long. And Hayato is alright, still. I kind of like Ryusei, and I don't know why. I'm warming up to him, even though he's a little pathetic and I'm probably going to end up not liking him at all later. And I'm starting to wonder what Hayato sees in Ageha. He's older than her and in college, training to be a counselor, while she's an immature high school student. I don't really see the attraction.
So, overall, it hasn't got much better. It's still terrible. More drama has unfolded, and more is probably to come. Or definitely to come. And I have the next two (one and an omnibus) books, so I will continue reading. I have low hopes, but hopes nonetheless, that it will get better. Or at least hopes that I'll find a character I like, that will have made this worth reading. Maybe Ageha's friends? They seemed nice... *wishful thinking*

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