Monday, December 19, 2011

Manga Review: Papillon, Volume 2, by Miwa Ueda

Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 3
Publisher: Del Rey

Goodreads Synopsis:

Ageha has always lived in the shadow of her popular twin sister, Hana. But with the help of her eccentric and brilliant guidance counselor, Ryûsei, Ageha is turning her life around. Now she’s confident and in control . . . and falling for Ryûsei! Is Ryûsei really the right guy for Ageha?
I can't really say that this volume was any better. It's still kind of terrible, but I still enjoyed reading it, for some reason. I haven't really read a lot of the drama type of books, mostly because there aren't that many out there any more, but I enjoy them. Even if they are terrible. And this one... is.
So, this one starts with Ageha seeing Ryusei and her sister kissing, and then she freaks out and runs away. And then Hayato catches up with her and she tries to act like everything is fine, even though she just freaked out. But he's all nice and cheers her up. And then they talk some, and she talks about her mother, who she thinks doesn't like her. A bit of the volume is about her and her mothers relationship. Her mom tries to control things between Ageha and Hayato, and then they get in an accident. Hayato plays a trick to get them all to talk things out, and it works and there's a heartwarming moment between them. Or whatever.
And then later, Ageha makes some cookies in class and wants to give them to Hayato. She gives them around, including to Ryusei without feeling any bit of weirdness, because she sees a bunch of girls hanging around Hayato. This part actually wasn't done too badly. Because she doesn't think much of Ryusei, like how she obsessed over him earlier, and is thinking lightly of Hayato without it being overwhelming or realizing it. And she even mopes around the house and eats all of the cookies without really realizing what she is doing.
Anyway, then Hayato calls her for help, and she has to watch these kids for him. She assumes wrong, but does it anyway, and finds out how her mom felt when taking care of her, and gets a little attached. And then she talks with Hayato after the kids leave, (because they are his sister-in-law's), and they go out on this fake date thing to a carnival. He does some perverted, fun things, and they go on a Ferris wheel where she confesses and he's says 'alright', pretty much.
It's kind of cute, I guess, but a little stupidly over-exaggerated and petty. I'm not even sure what I like about it. Because, as I've said, it's terrible. Even the sappy moments, like the ones between her and her mother, were kind of stupid. Really, the art isn't amazing, the story isn't all that well done, the characters aren't even that interesting. Hayato is probably the one I like the most, and he's just alright. Ageha is getting better, I guess, but it seems like she supposedly matured so much between now and the first volume. And while she needs to mature, that's too fast for it to happen, and she still has several moments of immaturity. And her and Hayato's relationship isn't very believable. I just don't see it.
Again, I hope that she gets better. I hope that all of it gets better. Even though the style is probably going to stay the same, and Ageha is probably going to still bother me. Maybe Hayato will get even better, and I will start to believe their relationship, at least?

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