Monday, December 12, 2011

Manga Review: Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Volume 11, by Karuho Shiina

Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 4.5
Publisher: VIZ Media

Goodreads Synopsis:

Sawako and Kazehaya have confessed their feelings to each other! But now Sawako is worried about her rival, Kurumi. In the past, Kurumi vowed to hate any girl who went out with Kazehaya. So how's she going to react to the news that Sawako and Kazehaya are dating?


This one wasn't as good, or exciting, as the last, but it was still good.
The first chapter focuses on Kurumi and Sawako. They talk a little bit, work some things out. And Ayane and Kento talk to her on her way out. It kind of seems like she's over Kazehaya, but like something is still going to happen with her, and I'm wondering what. Kind of like there's something going on with Kento that hasn't been explored, or shown completely. Maybe it has to do with both of them? I want to know.
The next chapter is a flash back, to when Kazehaya and Sawako first met, and before they really started talking, but from Kazehaya's point of view. We already know how this all happened, so it felt like I already knew everything, but some of it was new because there was how Kazehaya was feeling, and what he was thinking of Sawako, and it's super cute. He's just so adorable, I can't help it. He's just so innocent, and he was so confused and wrong about everything at the beginning, and his little confession (kind of?) as the end was sweet.
In the third chapter, Sawako finds out that Kazehaya's birthday has just recently passed, and feels terrible about not knowing about it. But then there's a scene between Ayane and Pin, where she talks to him about some things, some insecurities of hers. I don't want there to be, but there's very obviously some feelings between them. I don't think I like this. He's very close with that group, helping out in his weird way, and joking with them, and all that. But he's their teacher, and I'm not sure how much older he is than them, so I don't know if it's as inappropriate as I think it is. I hope not, because I kind of want to like it. Whatever; then there's a scene between Chizu and Ryu. They talk some, and there's some very subtle flirting going on. I want them to just talk it out and confess things. He should just kiss and make her realize, and it would be fantastic. (Really, though, I just want some kisses to be exchanged.) And then the chapter ends with Kazehaya walking Sawako home, which I guess makes some of their classmates realize they're actually going out, and he asks her out on a date.
The next chapter is the date. Sawako has dressed up and made them food and made him some gifts for his belated birthday. He's surprised and embarrassed and happy about this. They talk about their miscommunication issues, making sure that they know how the other feels. And they take a walk. And then they go to the planetarium, where they lean back in their seats and look at each other with their faces real close and get all red. This is so cute, and I just want them to kiss already. It needs to happen. But they should at least hold hands, it would make me somewhat content. I hope it happens in the next volume. It ends with Kazehaya hugging Sawako, talking about their feelings, as they seem to be realizing that they feel the same. Their date is probably what bumped the rating up half a point, otherwise it just would have been 4.
I want more cute and adorable and overbearingly sweet in the next volume. I really hope that it gets there. I also want more from the other characters, like with what I mentioned above. But I want some kisses and loving exchanged most of all, because I love that stuff.

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