Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Manga Review: Sankarea: Undying Love, Volume 9, by Mitsuru Hattori

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Release Date: October 2014
Volumes: 11
Spoilers?: For previous volumes.
Volume: 1. 8. 10.

Goodreads Synopsis:


Though he barely escaped with his life, Chihiro has returned with the rest of his crew to Shiyoh City with newfound hope for Bub and Rea. However, the research that led to Bub’s recovery took its toll on Rea, leaving her with only vague memories of the “boy with the cat-ear hairdo.” But Chihiro will do anything to bring Rea back to normal, and with his camera, some props and a few friends who can carry a tune, he’s going to set the scene for Rea’s big come back!


This series is getting darker the longer it goes, and I love how surprising it is. The twists it throws are so good, and well done. I’m excited for every volume at this point.
Most of this volume dealt with Rea’s memory loss. She doesn’t even know that she’s a zombie, and she doesn’t remember Chihiro at all, although she thinks that Bub is her cat. Thankfully, though, she at least trusts Darin. It’s hard on Chihiro, though, because he likes her but he’s also her friend.
Darin ends up being Rea’s saving grace, really, and I’m so happy with their friendship. Also, I’m glad that Darin has kind of turned over a new leaf, after what happened with her Father. Rea is pretty much getting used to her life all over again.
And then there’s a new twist thrown in at the end of the volume, a cliffhanger that looks bad, but also a coming story that might explain some things, especially regarding Chihiro’s grandfather.
I’m so impressed with this series, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s dark and exciting, and also a little fanservice-y, although with not as much attention as before. I’m excited for the next volume.

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