Friday, July 15, 2016

Novel Review: Getting His Way (Sapphire Falls, #7) by Erin Nicholas

Rating (Out of 5): ~3.5
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: EN Fiction
Release Date: May 10, 2016
Spoilers?: No.
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Goodreads Synopsis:

Sapphire Falls, book seven

Bryan Murray always knew that he wanted to come home to Sapphire Falls and settle down with Tessa Sheridan. After all, Tessa's sweet and kind and beautiful and planning to live in Sapphire Falls forever. Best of all, she's loved him since kindergarten. She's the perfect forever girl for him. He just didn't expect it to all happen quite like this. But a not-so-little tumble down a mountain while biking has turned his life upside down and landed him back at home.

A longtime coach to high level athletes, Bryan knows all about facing obstacles head-on and turning challenges into opportunities. So, things aren't going exactly the way he planned them-- at least Tessa is the same girl who's just been waiting for him to come home.

Tessa has been saving herself for Bryan in every way. She's even been saving her pennies so she could move to Colorado to train with him for the marathon trophies she's got her heart set on--a new passion she's discovered all because of Bryan. But now he's messed everything up. Not only is he bartending instead of coaching, but he's decided to go from a hot, sexy playboy type to sweet romantic boyfriend material. And worst of all, he's doing it all in Sapphire Falls.

What's a girl gotta do to get away from her hometown and have an adventure or two? Now that marathon training and hot sex against the shower wall are out of the question with Bryan, Tess has to come up with a new plan to make her dreams, and fantasies, come true. All while being romanced by the only man who's ever had her heart.

The Cover:

I like all of the covers in this series, and this one included. This one's very bright, and I think the sunny brightness works for the activities in this book. It's very pretty, too, and would make me interested.


I really quite enjoy this series, and while I missed the previous one, I will be going back to pick it up soon.
These books are just very fast, fun novels to pick up. I always end up reading them way faster than I expect, and they’re always cute, sweet stories that I just eat up. I’m always wanting more.
Tessa has been in love with Bryan her whole life, but he never seemed interested. But now, she’s finally decided to do what she wants, to stop waiting for him and finally go do what she wants on her own. Only, now Bryan’s back home, and he’s decided that he’s ready for Tessa.
I did really like their relationship, and their chemistry was so good. They’re clearly a great fit, and they love each other. They just haven’t had a good time for each other until now. Tessa, understandably, though, has finally gotten the motivation and guts to go out and see and do what she has always wanted. It was nice seeing how Bryan fought for it, though, and how Tessa made him work.
This was a very fun book to read, as I expected. I will be picking up the previous one soon, and waiting for the next one.

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