Saturday, March 3, 2012

Manga Review: Arisa, Volume 6, by Natsumi Ando

Rating (Out of 5): ~3
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Volumes: 9+

[No synopsis this time, since I couldn't find one. I probably sum it up enough, though. Sorry, nonetheless.]


So this series is seeming to continue to drag on, and I'm hoping that it gets to wherever it's going, the climax or revealing the King or Arisa waking up, soon. Something to stop these constant, meaningless problems that keep coming up.
Almost all of this volumes focuses on the problems surrounding Shizuka. Tsubasa tries to make Shizuka happy and not focused on her revenge with Arisa. It doesn't really work, except that Tsubasa ends up getting hurt and Shizuka walks in order to get help. Although, I didn't really see the meaning in her walking? I guess it was supposed to be momentous and whatever, but I just found it dumb, when she could have, much easier, used her wheelchair instead. It kind of makes a difference, as Shizuka is going to give the phones back, but instead the King sends her a message and changes her mind. And then Shizuka messes up the house and attacks her guardian. It pretty much brings everything back to how it was in the volume before this.
Shizuka is psychotic again and wishes Arisa out of this world. Manabe takes her phone, and Shizuka then finds out that Arisa is actually in a coma. Manabe then 'officially' teams up with Tsubasa to find the King again, even though I don't think he really turned against her since a few volumes ago (two, maybe?). But then the King decides to grant someone else's wish, where the person with the cellphones gets taken out. Shizuka freaks out, Manabe takes them, in order to throw them away I think, but ends up getting hit by a car instead. Shizuka, who feels terrible and is emotionally unstable, decides to move away. Tsubasa is upset, but I am glad.
Before she leaves, Shizuka gives Tsubasa a URL, the supposed secret that she knows about Arisa, which leads her to a chat room. Her and Manabe hack into it, and discover some chats between Arisa and the King, and it reveals how it all started. It's been inactive for a while, but when Tsubasa sends a message, the King responds. Also, I'm pretty sure that it's revealed in this volume that the King is Kudo?
At the end of the volume, there's an extra chapter. It's about Arisa and Tsubasa and how they reacted to their parents splitting up. Tsubasa reacts badly, while Arisa accepts it, but they're both hurt. They have a fight, and then make up and decide to send letters to each other everyday.
I'm hoping that, in the next volume, some more big things are revealed and the plot move forward some more. A lot would be nice, but I don't really believe it's going to. That's pretty much all I'm hoping for, actually. The series is just alright at this point, and I want it to get better, to move along already.

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