Thursday, March 29, 2012

Manga Review: Seiho Boys' High School, Volume 8, by Kaneyoshi Izumi

Rating (Out of 5): ~4
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 8

Goodreads Synopsis:

Final Volume Is it written in the stars that girls named Erika will always break Maki's heart? With betrayal and separation ravaging his relationship, love certainly isn't easy for this Seiho boy. But as his second year of high school comes to a close, will he still somehow manage to find happiness?


I like this series; I like the almost nostalgic feel to it, the fun the boys have, especially reading about how boys act at an all boys' high school; that's just interesting to me, and fun to watch. But this volume wasn't as amazing as I'd hoped it would be. That might just be because it's been a while, several months, since I read volume 7 (not my fault, though; no store seemed to want to carry it).
In the first chapter, Miyaji puts the idea in Maki's head that maybe Erika and Kamiki are going out behind his back. The readers, though know that something is wrong with Erika, and she hasn't worked up the courage to tell Maki, whereas Kamiki has went through something similar. Maki worries and overreacts (a little), and he finds out that Erika is going to study abroad, because she doesn't want her fighting parents controlling her anymore. And while it leaves us guessing for a little bit, it only turns out that she and Kamiki were secretly talking, nothing more.
Maki and Erika break up, and Maki sulks and pretends to be glad to be rid of her and ready to move on. Before she leaves, though, they make up. Instead of getting back together, they decide to stay separate, and if they see each other again, they'll see how things go. The boys shoot off fireworks, to cheer up Maki, and as a goodbye to Erika.
In the next bit, Miyaji comes to their school to visit Kamiki. A stray dog starts following her and Maki, who then decide to take care of it. Miyaji does it to prove to Kamiki, though, that she doesn't need his help. The dog, though, is a terror and only wants to listen to Kamiki. Kamiki finds an owner for it, and makes up with Miyaji.
The final chapter closes with the boys graduating from their second year, Maki now being the Resident Advisor, and him receiving a message from an unknown number (meaning to be Erika).
This was a good ending to the series. I like that she didn't make it an overall happy ending, even while it was. She didn't go into the future and have him and Erika meet up. Instead, it's hinting that maybe they're going to start talking again. And Kamiki and Miyaji are together again, but they don't know if they'll work out, and they're okay with that. Also, I like how the boys all complain about their school, but that they're still fond of it.
At the end of the manga, there's a one-shot called Reverse Guilt. I was surprised, but I actually really liked it. It's about a girl who used to be seen as perfect, but then starts hanging out with the poor, bad boy, and so now is just seen as smart. She pretends not to like the boy, but obviously does and is jealous of his womanizing ways, and they get together by the end. It's a smutty story, which is what surprised me, and made me like it. Although, there was a part where he tied up two people, which I did not like. And I did like the underclassmen girl, she piqued my interested, and I felt a bit bad for her.
Overall, it was a good volume. And, while I am a little upset to see the series end, it was a really good ending for the series. So, I'm happy with it.

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