Monday, March 12, 2012

Manga Review: Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura, Volume 6, by Arina Tanemura

Rating (Out of 5): ~3 - 3.5
Publisher: VIZ Media (Shojo Beat)
Volumes: 10+

Goodreads Synopsis:

The battle between Kohaku and Shuri has ended, but Sakura is still held captive by Enju. Sakura tries to convince her brother that there are humans who will accept the moon people, but he will not back down. Enju tells Sakura she will soon need to choose sides and whom she is to destroy.


I'm not minding this series so far, but it's a little slow. I'm hoping it gets going soon. I'm just waiting for something big, something intense to happen, because right now it's been focusing on the characters background and their fighting as they get to Sakura, which isn't especially invigorating. Hopefully it will move onto something else soon, like the climax of this plot. I think it's close, though, which is good.
The first chapter completes the fight between Kohaku and Shuri, and Hayate does something sweet for Kohaku (but he's pretty awesome in general). Then we see Sakura talking with Enju, as she wants to leave to stop the fighting, but he reminds her of her 'destruction' soul symbol, and then won't let her go.
For most of the rest of the volume, we get to see Asagiri's past. She starts to fight Ukyo, her past lover (after transforming to her adult form), when it goes to the past and we see how they know each other. She lived in a snowy village with other women of her kind, where only about twenty-percent of population is men, and Ukyo was one of them. After a bad start, they got together, when she is chosen as the sacrifice for the villages sacred tree. She's honored by it, as at the time she believed in the Gods and was very respectful of them, even though she loves Ukyo. When she goes to sacrifice herself, though, she finds out that it's not actually a God, and when her thoughts change on the subject, she ends up killing her whole village.
Ukyo wants revenge, which is why he wants to fight her. But he still loves her, but Asagiri claims not to love him anymore and so will be able to kill him. She's also cursed, though, because of something she drank at the time, and so her life will be short. (Sakura is surprised by all of this, since she only knows of the nicer parts of Asagiri's personality.) Before this can be explained further, and before the fight can really start, that part of the volume ends.
The last bit of the volume (about a quarter of it) is taken up by a short story, plus some other short comic-strips. The short story is about a little angel girl, who wants to go to the human village, the little boy angel that likes and helps her, and the little witch that makes it possible. They're cute little kids, and the narrative in it stated the obvious, but in a cute, childish way that gave it a good kid feel. It was cute. After that there is a little competition of the mascots from all of Tanemura's series, which is cute (particularly because it was fun to see the 'mascots' again). And then there are The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross comics, which were cute but only reminded me that I don't remember nearly enough of the series, and then some author ones.
This is a pretty good series, just a little slow at the moment. I'm hoping that it gets more exciting soon, that the actual plot line starts progressing.

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